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Ahsan Iqbal made voluntary additional payment for Tosha Khana’s gifts, accused of taking unfair advantage – Daily UsafNews WAALI

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Islamabad (News Desk) Leader of Muslim League-N and Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal gave gifts to Tosha Khana

Voluntary additional payment made 1 lakh 19 thousand rupees deposited in the government treasury by the Minister of Planning, I received donations as per normal procedure, no additional payment was required, voluntary payment so that the an allegation of taking an unfair advantage. According to the letter written by the Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal, a carpet worth 1 lakh 39 thousand was obtained from Tosha Khana, the price of the carpet was paid according to the law 20 thousand rupees, the rest of the carpet is 1 lakh 19 thousand rupees in the treasury of the government, a man’s Rolex watch worth 15 lakh 50 thousand was received from Tosha Khana. According to law, 3 lakh 4 thousand rupees were paid for the watch taken from Tosha Khana.

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