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HomeIndiaAhmedabad: PM Modi reached GMDC ground, offered aarti to Jagdamba News WAALI

Ahmedabad: PM Modi reached GMDC ground, offered aarti to Jagdamba News WAALI

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Ahmedabad: PM Modi reached GMDC ground, offered aarti to Jagdamba

Ahmedabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached GMDC ground. PM Modi is present in Navratri festival. Apart from PM Modi, CM Bhupendra Patel and Governor have also joined. Today on the fourth night, PM Modi offered Jagdamba Aarti. Have darshan of Mataji at the vibrant Navratri festival at GMDC ground.

Navratri festival was started during the time when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state. Garbo of Gujarat has become ‘Global Garbo’ today. As a part of which the festivals of Gujarat have become folk festivals and public umang festivals in real sense. Today this festival of Mahaarti of Adhyashakti has become known all over the world. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is also showing the world the cultural heritage of our society through the medium of Garba, which is carrying forward this tradition. Today, a large number of people are coming from all over the country to see the Navratri festival.

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During the Navratri festival organized from September 26 to October 4, the well-known artists of Gujarat are calling Garbani Ramzat here. After two years of the corona epidemic, people are very enthusiastic about the celebration of Navratri festival. On the first day of Navratri, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel inaugurated the Navratri festival.

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This year there has been relief in cases of Corona, so while the enthusiasm of sportsmen is at its peak to play Garba, many new attractions have been planned this time in the planning of Vibrant Navratri. This time a special street garba theme has been organized, where traditional dress has been made compulsory on the ground. Also, a special state level garba competition has been held from September 27 to October 4 in which the winner will be announced at the last minute.

Handicraft Bazaar, Food Stalls, Anand Nagri, Bal Nagri and Nadabet, Dandiya Dwar along with special theme pavilions in Navratri 2022. Thematic gates of Diya and Garbi have been kept. An overview of other theme-based places has also been prepared in which Gabbar Ambaji 51 Shakti Peeth, Statue of Unity, Atal Setu, World Heritage City Ahmedabad, Swami Narayan Mandir, Chabutra Garden, Art Wall of World Heritage City will be seen.

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