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HomeIndiaAhmedabad man smokes in flight toilet News WAALI

Ahmedabad man smokes in flight toilet News WAALI

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Ahmedabad man smokes in flight toilet

Ahmedabad: It has come to light that a passenger was arrested for smoking a cigarette in the flight. The man was coming from Dubai to Ahmedabad in a flight and was caught smoking a cigarette in the toilet of the flight. The flight crew caught him and informed the police as soon as the flight arrived at the Ahmedabad airport and handed him over to the police. It may be mentioned that the police have taken strict action after a complaint was lodged against the accused for teaching him a lesson by endangering the lives of the passengers. On the other hand, as soon as the crew rescued this young man, the flight stopped a major disaster. A passenger named Kamaljit Ram along with him has also been booked for head-butting under the influence of alcohol. The airport police has registered two separate complaints and arrested the accused.

Vrishik Chauhan, who lives in Ghatlodia, works as a security executive officer at Ahmedabad Airport or Indigo Airlines. While he was on his duty, the duty officer handed him an unruly passenger form and a passenger named Labhsingh. The passenger was on board the flight from Dubai. At that time, he was caught by the crew smoking a cigarette in the toilet in the flight.

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So the airport police registered a case and arrested the accused under IPC 336 for endangering people’s lives. It has been revealed that the accused Labhasingh Reshamsingh is originally from a village in Punjab.

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It may be mentioned that how the accused entered the flight with cigarettes is a big question. Because when any passenger travels in a flight, the baggage and passenger are first scanned. And later if any contraband is found then it is allowed to travel after being seized. But the fact that the accused entered the flight with a cigarette reveals the negligence of the security checking. There is also a question whether there will be any action regarding these matters in the investigation.

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