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Agricultural areas of Sargodha are suffering from beans, productivity is affectedNews WAALI

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Gypsum fertilizer is beyond the reach of small farmers, despite the subsidy, DAP is also sold at high prices, according to a Manaqib survey.
Sargodha (Survey Report of Munaqib Qasim Shahzad Ehtesham Asim) Sargodha district, especially Sargodha Tehsil, lands are fast becoming victims of weeds and weeds. During the survey several farmers were interviewed about their problems. Khan Iqbal Khan Baloch, speaking about the problems faced by the small farmers, said that the lands have become weak due to giving away crops for the last hundred years, while due to the negligence of the drainage department, the problem of beans arises in lands many villages like the North 29. The lands have been completely destroyed although the sewers go through here but the sewers are not cleaned and the money is siphoned off. DAP fertilizer is still out of reach of the small farmer, said Khaliq Dad Awan, adding that the small farmer will have to move out of traditional farming and modern farming requires capital. Currently, gypsum is being worked in this field, guara and nitro fertilizers are also expensive, water scarcity is also being faced. Mian Muhammad Awan said that the lands require labor on a large scale, similarly, Bilal Sabharalia also spoke about the lack of water and the lack of attention of the agriculture department.