13 July 2024
Red Velvet

SM Entertainment’s Red Velvet group recently dropped the official dance performance video of its much-loved song Cosmic. The South Korean girl group released the dance performance video of their recently released song Cosmic on YouTube where the song has been trending since it was uploaded. The fans of Red Velvet also have shared their reactions to the dance performance of Red Velvet, receiving a warm response from the audience. However, the official music video of the song Cosmic had been released before sharing the dance performance video by the group. Seemingly, the fans are loving the recently released dancer performance video more than the music video which was released a few days back. Get more about Cosmic by Red Velvet, in the following sections of this article. Drag down the page.

The official music video of Cosmic song by Red Velvet was released by SM Entertainment on YouTube on June 24, 2024. Before the release of Red Velvet’s Cosmic music video release, fans speculated the concept of the music video was inspired by the Midsommar movie after watching the teaser of the song. For the unversed, Midsommar was directed by famous film director Ari Aster. This film garnered positive reviews for its unsettling atmosphere set against a cheery backdrop, unlike horror movies. Some fans compiled lists of scenes from Midsommar that resemble parts of the Cosmic music video, to justify their claims. Meanwhile, some fans were disappointed and upset with the official music video of Cosmic by Red Velvet for the lack of creativity shown by the makers.

A fan seemingly disappointed by the group, stated that Cosmic is the best song of Red Velvet after Psycho but he could not understand why the official music video’s concept was copied from Midsommar and perceived a lack of creativity by the group. The fans who shared their reviews of the music video of Cosmic also claimed that the connection between the album cover, song lyrics, and music video concept was not clear. Previously, Red Velvet’s unique vision earned accolades, but this time it only feels like ‘Midsommar’ imagery, which might be the reason people questioned their potential and creativity.

On the other hand, some people also praised the South Korean girl group for being fresh and exciting. One person said the bright yet eerie vibe is amazing as the girls of Red Velvet look like forest fairies and this is the first time when they tried this concept in their music video. Red Velvet’s previous music videos often blended references to famous movies for example Psycho released in 2019 was inspired by Black Swan, and Feel My Rhythm used The Finding of Ophelia, The Swing, and Bach’s Air on the G String’s references. However, Red Velvet still has managed to create a distinctive identity and received good responses from the audience despite using references from famous movies and artworks.

Their recently released song Cosmic also became part of the same controversy when fans accused Red Velvet of using the reference to Midsommar. To note, Cosmic marks the collaboration of famous composer Kenzie and the renowned Swedish songwriting team Moonshine. After releasing the music video of Cosmic on June 24, 2024, Red Velvet dropped the dance performance on YouTube. However, the dance performance also received warm responses from the audience after a widespread discussion and questions about using references to famous movies. Red Velvet also has shared the update of the dance performance video of Cosmic on their Instagram account followed by over 12.1 million followers. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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