16 July 2024

The second solo concert of Aespa (2024 Aespa Live Tour) is titled SYNK: Parallel Line. On June 30, 2024, the girls reached Jamsil Indoor Stadium located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, to deliver an enthralling performance as part of the Aespa Live Tour 2024. The South Korean Pop girls group started the stage performance with three songs Black Mamba, Drama, and Salty & Sweet. Later Aespa performed on Supernova, Illusion, and Mine to exhibit the iron flavor stage. Following the opening performance, Aespa went on to introduce every member of the girl’s group to the fans who flocked to Jamsil Indoor Stadium. The group also greeted the fans known as MYs.


Aespa Delivers Unforgettable Moments at Their 2024 Live Tour in Seoul

Karina, one of Aespa’s members, thanked the fans for coming to the show on June 30, 2024. She also asked the fans to have a great time. Another group member, Ningning said to the fans to have fun that day while Winter went on expressing her excitement by saying what a wonderful night. Winter further added that energy that day was even better than the previous day. The girls returned to the stage and showed a dreamy aura with Prologue and Thirsty followed by Long Chat. During the second solo concert of Aespa in Seoul, the giant LED screen on the stage and fireworks tuned with the energetic atmosphere created by the dynamic performances of Aespa.


Nevertheless, the audience enjoyed every single solo stage performance of Aespa group members as the fans had a strong and warm response to the performers who displayed their talent by singing their songs. The maturity between the individuals of Aespa was even more than they showed in their first solo concert. Aespa member Giselle set the stage on fire with her self-written and composed song Dopamine. Later Karina also came up with her hip-hop song Up which she wrote and composed by herself. Winter came up with EDM song Spark followed by Ningning’s R&B song Bored. Not to mention, every single performance of Aespa members drew enthusiastic responses and cheers from the fans.

During her solo performance, Giselle asked her fans did they recharged their dopamine and Karina promised her fans to come up with a better performance next time as it was the first time when she wrote the lyrics alone. Ningning expressed that her son is very close to her. The SYNK: Parallen Line solo concert of Aespa became even more memorable when special guests like John Park, Hyeri, and Taeyeon came there to support the girls’ group on their second solo concert. Aespa performed 26 songs in the second solo concert, including Supernova and Armageddon. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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