19 July 2024

Adrishyam – The Invisible Heroes is an Indian Hindi-language espionage thriller web series. It has been running great TRP since 11 April 2024. It features two talented and most famous actors, Divyanka Tripathi and Eijaz Khan. Anshuman Kishore Singh is the director of the film and it was developed by Anshuman Pandey and Aditya Pandey. The previous episode of the series has proven super hit. However, the latest episode which was dropped by SonyLIV on its official page, is catching much attention of the viewers. What is new in the latest episode? Why did Ravi Verma and his team arrest Jaa Mohammed? Check out the details regarding Adrishyam episode 24. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

The streaming platform, SonyLIV has recently shared a small clip of an upcoming episode of Adrishyam which features Ravi Verma aka Eijaz Khan. The clip is shared on the official YouTube page of SonyLIV. The Adrishyam episode 24 has generated much attention. The viewers are curious to know updates on the latest episode. Episode 24 of Adrishyam starts with Ravi Verma who is in Nepal with his team to catch Jaan Mohammed. He talks on call to his team and asks to not inform them. He walks towards the Jaan Mohammed place where is first interacts with the guards who standing with guns. He asks Goon if he is the owner of this godown. The goon asks Ravi to talk in Hindi. Ravi speaks in Hindi and again asks who is the owner of this place as he wants to shift his few stuffs in this godown. The man asks Ravi to leave from there by pushing him. Just then, Ravi Verma’s team comes there and catches the rest goons.

Ravi points a gun towards the man and again asks the same questions. The man says Jaan Mohammed is the owner of this godown. Ravi asks whether he is inside or not. He and his team locked the goons into the truck. He enters the godown with his team. Ravi discovers a room filled with counterfeit cash in the godown. The workers say they only work here, the cash does not belong to them. He asks about their hometown. He says in 10 minutes Nepal police are coming here, and now they have to decide whether they want to spend their 10 years in jail or want to go to their homes. The workers leave from the godown. Ravi and his team burn all Pakistan currency. Just then, Nepal police come there. Ravi informs them that the people who were there left the place after burning the all money, I was trying to call you. Nepal police take over three guns from the jeep. He leaves Nepal with his team to India.

Overall, the latest episode of Adrishyam shows, how Ravi Verma and his team cleverly arrest Jaan Mohammed by raid in Gowdown which is located in Nepal. On the other side, the main lead actor of Adrishyam, Eijaz Khan talks about his character with Bollywood Hungama in an interview. He also talked about the performance of the television series since it was premiered. The viewers like the storyline of the series and the show is still on the top of the show’s rating list. Apart from Divyanka Tripathi and Eijaz Khan, the series features several famous and talented actors such as Swaroopa Ghosh, Tarun Anand, Shriya Jha, Gaurav Panchal, and Shweta Ojha. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of Adrishyam. It airs every Thursday and Friday at 8 PM on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium.

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