23 July 2024
Min Hee Jin

The K-netizens seemed to have stuck to the cool and calm composed appearance of Min Hee Jin while going for a police investigation on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

According to the reports, the CEO of ADOR was summoned to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for questioning. Meanwhile, the paparazzi clicked several pictures of Min Hee Jin and asked her some questions as well, before she entered the police station.

However, the ADOR CEO answered a question before signing off and revealed the purpose of being summoned to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Here, we are going to primarily discuss Min Hee Jin’s composed and stylish demeanor while attending a police investigation. To get more details about Min Hee Jin’s visit to the police station regarding an investigation, kindly stick with this page and follow it to the end. Scroll down.

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin Maintains Composure

Min Hee Jin appeared at the police station in Seoul on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, where she went in a simple white shirt paired with baggy jeans. She also sported a navy Nike baseball cap.

Garnering admiration from the K-netizens, Min Hee Jin appeared in a composed and stylish demeanor before the police investigation began in Seoul. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of ADOR impressed the audience with the relaxed and composed attitude she showcased while going for the police investigation.

ADOR CEO also gave a sophisticated smile interacting with the media personnel before the police investigation. A reporter asked Min Hee Jin why she was summoned to the police station. Instead of adding a layer of intrigue and igniting rumors, Min Hee Jin simply and casually said the idea of occupational embezzlement is absurd and she need to tell the truth.

This relaxed and composed nature of Min Hee Jin before going to answer the questions of police, won the hearts of K-netizens. It seems that K-netizens are in love with the ADOR CEO as they are curious about every aspect of her utterly charming.

Commenting on Min Hee Jin’s photo captured outside the police station in Seoul, a fan stated she is like a walking advertisement board as she looks so hip and cool. However, she must be too busy but she has to get investigated too. Min Hee Jin is fighting.

A fan lauded Min Hee Jin’s confidence by adding she walked into the station smiling and confidently. According to the reports, Min Hee Jin was investigated for eight hours. Yes, you read that right, ADOR CEO was questioned for eight hours at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency regarding embezzlement accusations. Swipe down the page and read more details.

It was Min Hee Jin’s first police investigation appearance. As per the reports, this investigation was initiated by accusations from the parent company of ADOR, HYBE, last month when HYBE claimed that Min Hee Jin misappropriated company funds for personal funds. If you are thinking Min Hee Jin must have walked out from the police station exhausted and tensed, then you are wrong because the CEO of ADOR came out smiling too. Take a look below.

According to the reports, sources familiar with the development said that Min was interrogated extensively about her financial management practices and specific transactions flagged by the internal audit team of HYBE. For the investigation, Min dressed in a simple, professional outfit. She Min appeared quite relaxed as she also addressed reporters gathered outside the police station. After the extensive police investigation, Min Hee Jin was spotted walking out police station with a cool smile. Stay tuned with us.

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