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Adani Enterprise Share Forms; Absurd return of Adani share, after investing Rs 1 lakh, return of RsNews WAALI

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Mumbai: Adani group shares have been struggling to stem the fall over the past month. Prior to the Hindenburg Research report, Adani Group shares had given investors tremendous returns and the group’s shares had risen strongly in the past few years. However, the shares of Adani group companies fell sharply after the report of the American research company, which now seems to be slowly recovering and now the Adani group has returned. Adani Group shares are seeing a boom again.

Maldar’s share of Adani Group
The Gautam Adani-led conglomerate has many shares that have turned investors into millionaires. Today we are going to tell you about one such company shares of Adani Group which turned investors into millionaires. Those who invested Rs 1 lakh in this share got a profit of Rs 3 crore. So check if Adaninka is a stock in your portfolio.

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1 lakh became 3 crores
Adani Group’s largest shareholder is its parent company Adani Enterprises Limited. Adani Enterprises has given investors a whopping 28,385.12 percent returns in the last 24 years. On January 1, 1999, the share price of Adani Enterprises was Rs 6.05, while the share is currently trading at Rs 1,726. In such a case, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of Adani Enterprises on 1 January 1999, he would have got about 16,667 shares.

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Then on 13 March 2023 the share price was Rs. It increased till 1859. In such a situation, if an investor had sold his shares during this period, he would have got a strong profit of around Rs three crore. Apart from this, talking about the performance of the stock, it has returned 1,058.26% in the last five years the stock has risen from Rs.160 to its current price. Also this year YTD the stock has fallen 51.60% while the stock has gained 7.08% in the past year. While the stock has fallen 47.96% over the past six months, the stock has fallen 9% over the past five years.

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Bumper returns to investors
Adani Enterprises stock has consistently pleased its investors and given excellent returns. In the last five years, the stock has returned 975.95 percent to investors while in the last year, before the Hindenburg report, Adani Enterprises has underperformed investors. A year ago on March 14, the share price was Rs 1,736, while on December 20, 2022, the share price had risen to around Rs 4,100.

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