23 July 2024
Richa Chadha

Actress Richa Chadha who has confirmed her pregnancy and shared the joyous news of expecting her first child with her husband Ali Fazal, recently signed a film. Unlike other Bollywood actresses who usually go on a break or vacation for a year to focus on their pregnancy and embark on the motherhood journey, Richa Chadha decided to continue working as a professional actor, showing her dedication toward her career. According to the reports, Richa Chadha has signed a film which will go on floors in a couple of months. Nevertheless, Fukrey actress Richa Chadha also has opened up about her decision to continue her acting work despite being pregnant with Ali Fazal’s child. You should hear what Richa Chadha said about not going on a hiatus amid her pregnancy period. Stick with this page and go through it to the end.

With this decision to continue working as a professional actor, Richa Chadha has accepted the challenge of embracing two roles as a mother-to-be and a professional artist at the same time. However, the Bollywood tradition says actresses should take a break from acting amidst their pregnancies but Richa Chadha likes to do tough things in her career. Like her choice of portraying a vast range of characters in her films, she also decided completely out of the box by opting to work despite being pregnant.

Speaking of Richa Chadha’s upcoming film, it is said that it will be a comedy film that will go on floors in October 2024. Furthermore, Richa Chadha will start shooting the film very soon. However, the title of the film has not yet been decided. The makers of the film have also finalized the script of the comedy film which has been written by Amitosh Nagpal. The release date of this untitled project has not yet been decided.

When Richa Chadha was questioned about her maternity break, the actress replied that she could not speak for all women because it depends on person to person what their condition is but she is determined to get back to work as soon as possible and not take a long break amidst her pregnancy as she still has some pending projects to complete. The actress also praised her mother by saying she draws inspiration from her mother who managed both roles with efficiency and grace. Thus, Ali Fazal’s wife also believes she can handle both roles effectively as well. In addition, the Fukrey actress also mentioned the kind of support she has around her and how her partner understands her.

Bholi Punjaban aka Richa Chadha says she feels blessed to have both a support system and a good partner. She also does not think it is exceptional because she has seen women in their 9th pregnancy month taking the Mumbai local train and going to work. The actress also claimed to be drawing inspiration from the average Indian woman and she also does not want this situation as a medical condition because it is a natural part of life. This statement of Richa Chadha must have given goosebumps to many average Indian women who are going through the same situation at this time.

Even though a new chapter of Richa Chadha’s life is going to start very soon, the actress remains dedicated and focused on her profession. She is working day and night to fulfill the commitments she made earlier. The sources have claimed that Richa Chadha also loved the film’s script and will start shooting for this film in October. Stay tuned.

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