21 July 2024
Wi Ha Joon

The fans of Wi Ha Joon and Park Sung Hoon have been mesmerized by the reunion of the fellow actors since the former posted a picture with the letter on his social media handle.

According to the latest reports, actor Wi Ha Joon is collaborating with Park Sung Hoon for one more time. The last time these two actors worked together was in the movie “Gonjiam”. Since the release of Gonjiam, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the reunion of the two aforementioned actors but they got busy with their separate projects for many years, making fans anticipate their reunion.

Finally, actor Wi Ha Joon confirmed his reunion with his fellow actor and good friend Park Sung Hoon. Following the confirmation of their reunion, their fans have been in a frenzy to learn about their upcoming project. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, this article will let you know more about it. Swipe down.

Wi Ha Joon and Park Sung Hoon Reunite

As mentioned, the last time the two renowned actors were seen together in a film or working together on a project was in Gonjiam which was released in 2018. Now it has been more than 6 years since their fans have been eagerly waiting to watch them together in a film. Finally, Wi Ha Joon announced his reunion with fellow Gonjiam actor Park Sung Hoon through a social media post.

He shared a heartwarming picture with Park Sung Hoon which has captivated everyone’s attention and threw them into a frenzy to speculate about their upcoming project. Fans have started speaking about their upcoming project. Before discussing about their reunion, let’s dig deeper into the post shared by Wi Ha Joon to confirm their reunion. Swipe down.

Gonjiam actor Wi Ha Joon shared a string of images with actor Park Sung Hoon on Friday, July 5, 2024, on Instagram. Along with sharing multiple pictures with the fellow actor, Wi Ha Joon also penned a promotional note in the caption. The July 5 post of Wi Ha Joon showcases his unique persona, playful charm, and charisma thanks to his tall stature, bright expression, and distinct features garnering the attention of the fans and K-netizens.

In one of the pictures shared by Wi Ha Joon on July 5, 2024, both actors are standing shoulder to shoulder and looking directly at the camera, confirming their reunion. The last time Park Sung Hoon was seen alongside Wi Ha Joon in a film was in 2018 when they starred together in Gonjiam. Following the release of this horror film, both actors, Park Sung Hoon and Wi Ha Joon, earned widespread notoriety and popularity through their dramas.

Watching the fellow actors continuing their friendship gave heartwarming feelings to the fans. Most recently, Wi Ha Joon worked in the drama The Midnight Romance in Hagwon in which he worked along with Ryeo Won. However, The Midnight Romance in Hagwon was recently ended, marking the starting of a new chapter in Wi Ha Joon’s acting career.

If you are also anticipating the new project of Wi Ha Joon with actor Park Sung Hoon, then you have to wait a little bit more because the actor did not share anything related to his upcoming project with Park Sung Hoon. It remains a subject of speculation and scrutiny as more updates are yet to come out.

Nonetheless, you can visit Wi Ha Joon’s official Instagram profile to see the pictures shared by him with Sung Hoon. Find his account under the username @wi_wi_wi followed by 10.7 million followers. Stay tuned to this website.

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