15 July 2024

People who wrote about the active shooter situation at Blue Oval in Memphis on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, also made claims of a building’s evacuation. Following the active shooter complaints were made, the SWAT team was sent to the scene to assist the residents amid the threat of active shooter in the area. In the wake of people panicking due to the active shooter reports, the SWAT team evacuated an entire building. In Haywood County, police encouraged the residents and suggested they not create a stir. A report also claimed that Tennessee Police have not yet confirmed the news of an active shooter in Memphis.

The news of an active shooter at Blue Oval went viral when some residents of Memphis took to their social media handles and posted about the active shooter present at Blue Oval. People who claimed to be residents of Memphis, posted on Facebook and Twitter that the active shooter was reported at an under-construction building of the campus, a Ford project worth $5.6 billion, at Blue Oval in Memphis. In an attempt to remove the threat of active shooter, the Memphis Police along with the SWAT team, evacuated the entire building. Scroll down the page.

The reports of evacuation came out at around 12 PM on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, after several minutes of active shooter reports were posted online. At the scene, heavy police presence was seen shortly after the complaints. Multiple agencies were involved in the investigation, ensuring the safety of the residents. Upon hearing of an active shooter at Blue Oval, several people reacted to this news online. A person wrote on Facebook about What was going on at Blue Oval where everyone was told to leave. Another person shared he has been evacuated at Blue Oval and SWAT team is clearing the entire building amid the threat of active shooter. A large number of people remarked and reacted to the active shooter and evacuation reports.

A person who claimed to be a resident of Memphis detailed the incident through a post sharing on the Meta-owned social platform Facebook. He shared that Ford’s Plant which is under construction, has a person or persons venting their frustrations by threatening or shooting out there. Sources have claimed that large police remained at the scene for several hours. However, it is still not confirmed if the situation has been taken under control and where is the shooter. The person or persons who spread the threat of active shooter at Blue Oval, are yet to be identified and arrested. Memphis Police is looking into the matter and reaching out to the people who reported the active shooter. This is a developing story, more updates to come out soon. Stay tuned.

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