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A single fight environment tight! At 20,000 feet high, Goal, Football players are also wanted; Watch Video News WAALI

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New Delhi, September 29: You must have seen sky-high shots in cricket matches and powerful kicks in football matches. But currently a video of such a football match is going viral on social media that you have never seen such a match before. Because this is not in this world but out of this world football match. This match has also become a Guinness World Record. The goal has been shot at a height of 20 thousand feet. Along with the football, the players have also been thrown into the air. Any match comes in front of the stadium. The stadium is also a challenge for the players. The match also depends on the structure of the stadium. You must have seen many stadiums like this. But it’s on the ground. You must have seen the ball flying from the ground to the sky. But has anyone ever seen a match played in the air? As you go higher in the sky, the gravity decreases. You must have seen such videos from space. Where astronauts are seen flying in spaceships. But if a match is played in such zero gravity… where there is no foot, you will say that a football match is impossible. But some footballers have actually done it. A team of international footballers took up this challenge and completed it. A setup was made for a football match in an airplane. A football field was made inside the plane. The plane was then taken to an altitude where there was zero gravity. The video of this great match is going viral.
In the video, you can see players from the red and yellow teams playing football. At first everything seems normal. But as Gravity wore off, the match got more colorful. Players start flying in the air with the boss. They were trying to score on cycling mode. Finally, Luis Figo, a footballer from the red team, scored a goal and his team won. This is the first such Out of the World football match in the world. This unique match has also become a world record. Holds record for highest football played in parabolic flight. The names of football players are recorded in the Guinness Book. He is also recorded as the highest parabolic flight player in the world.

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