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A real idea for today’s young generationNews WAALI

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✍️ Kumud Ranjan Singh, social thinker and journalist. National General Secretary, National Association of Journalists, India.

Everyone writes a note before committing suicide
but don’t write notes first
take a deep breath and walk out
go straight to hospital
Find out where the mother’s ward is..?
watching a mother give birth from a distance
bearing her labor pains
How does she give birth to a young man like you with excruciating pain

Maybe if you looked at it from your heart, your eyes would have become moist.
Some tears must have come to the eyelids and some on the ground too.

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Go and ask the mother of that little flower, did you suffer so much pain, how much pain
an answer will come
I didn’t even feel pain when I first did it

the sound of her crying
feel his touch
something infatuated with it
when he was first fed
I forgot all the pain when
find it with me

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Don’t stop now, see this, hear this, get out of the hospital
And turn towards those streets where small traders and small laborers earn a whole day, then come after a small talk with them.

look at them first
He will see sweat dripping from the forehead
Blood must be coming out of hands and feet
Hands that were soft yesterday will be of hard stone
Heels will also be found with their cracks torn

Then ask them Baba, this is such a rare condition, so why so much work, why this hard work, why can’t you rest?
Then Baba’s answer will come in a tired voice

baby I’m not tired
don’t bleed or sweat but tire
my children will stay at home
whose stomach is not yet full
she will cook the food if I go
we will sit down and eat it

I come to work every day for my children
Yes, I get a bit tired at night, seeing their faces, I forget all the tiredness in a moment.

After hearing this, take a step forward, and then go towards the house, see the image of the mother and father you came out seeing in your mother and father.

and then calm down and go to your room try to write the note you were writing the wording of the note will probably change completely
and then it would probably be written something similar

I wanted to die
but now i want to live every second
Maa baba I want to live happily with you

I have made such a mistake
what I thought about committing a crime
now i have changed now i want to live

suicide is not a sign of courage it is a sign of cowardice
Be proud of yourself that you got this life
live and let live or learn
don’t commit suicide do something
People should have a living spirit…