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A high protein diet and yoga relieves the lungs in asthmaNews WAALI

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Gwalior. Representative of the New World. Complaints of post-covid syndrome among people have increased rapidly after covid. Due to this people are facing problems like weakness, fatigue, difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. Regarding all these issues, readers asked TB and chest disease expert Dr. Ujwal Sharma on Hello Doctor program and got the solution. Dr. Sharma said that eating nutritious food and doing yoga is the best and easiest way to avoid problems like breathing, asthma and TB. Breathing is beneficial to relieve lung weakness. People who are allergic to food, drink or dust and smoke should be careful. Don’t take out junk food.

Question: I am 70 years old, I have diabetes, TB and cough and cold, I stopped TB medicine, what should I do? Ramlakhan is a bridge of four cities

Answer: Checking the sputum and lungs and taking treatment on doctor’s advice can eliminate this problem.

Question: Meri amri 45 maj z mem se gale mem kaf jam jata what should I do? Ashok Sharma Bhind

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Answer: Don’t eat spices and oil and sour stuff, gargle with salt water, do X-ray of throat and take medicines after consulting the nearest doctor.

Question: My wife is 65 years old and she has trouble breathing, so what should I do if I need to put oxygen? Lotan Prasad Lahar

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Answer: A chest x-ray and PFT are done to assess the lung condition before giving the medication.

Question: Mary Amra 69 Satkar Khan Tansen Nagar

Answer: Lungs should be checked. Sometimes due to heart related problem better treatment can be given only after consultation with nearest doctor and examination.

Question: I am 73. I started sneezing immediately after drinking water after eating. HG Lakhpuria Lashkar

Answer: You are allergic to food and drink. Prolonged exposure to allergens weakens the lungs. So stop the foods that cause problems.

Question: I am 32 years old, I have cough and phlegm even after covid, what should I do? Mika Vyas

Ans: Some people get allergy problems after covid, for this, why we need to know if it is lung weakness or any other problem, then better treatment can be given.

Question: I am 78 years old. Kashiram Karotiya Sehore

Answer: Lungs should be checked once. After that the medicine can be given.

Question: What to do if the head becomes heavy while walking? Balaram Verma

Answer: It has an allergy problem and is given medication. For this you can consult the nearest doctor and take it from him.

Question: I am 41 khatai khane se ankho sauj jati hai what should I do? Nitesh Bhadauria

Answer: khatai khane se bhasama hai stop it and stop eating out and do yoga etc. it will be fine in 15 to 20 days.

Question: What should I do? Badam Singh Gwalior

Answer: Anti-allergy medications work and inhalers are taken and tests are also required. Only then will you get better treatment. Apart from this, balloon inflation is also beneficial.

Question: I am 45 years old, two years ago I got covid, very tired at work, BP is increasing, what should I do? Sheopur Mohan Babu Goyal

Answer: Post-Covid syndrome is seen in patients present during recruitment. Such patients have problems like BP, fatigue etc. Such patients should take a high protein diet. BP should be checked regularly while doing yoga. Green vegetables, salads and yoga are beneficial.

Question: I am 50 years old and I suffer from asthma. Vaishnavi Gwalior

Answer: The causes of asthma should be investigated. Avoid things that bother you the most. Do exercise and yoga, it will give you relief.

Question: What should I do when Marri Umar 45 months maj 2016 feir TB? Radheshyam Gaur Gwalior

Answer: Post-TB complications include increased sensitivity in the respiratory tract, weakness in the lungs, difficulty in breathing. For this you need to get checked once and only then the treatment will be offered.

Question: Gina is short of breath and has pain in her legs while climbing stairs. Abdul Qadir Khan Gwalior

Answer: You can gargle with Betadine to get relief.

Question: I have trouble breathing. Dharmendra Sharma, Jabahar, Satish Dubey Gwalior

Answer: The respiratory capacity and pressure in the lungs should be checked to see if there is an infection. Only then can better treatment be provided.

Posted by: Anil Tomar

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