13 July 2024
Connor Newsum

It’s been only a couple of weeks since season 6 of Love Island USA started premiering on June 11, 2024, but the show already has captivated the audience and garnered attention for multiple reasons including the contestants who entered the villa of the show. On the grand premier of Love Island USA Season 6, a total number of 10 contestants entered the villa but a contestant entered the villa of the show on Day 2, marking a special entry to the show. His name is Connor Newsum who quickly grew fond among the fans thereafter. However, Connor Newsum is no longer a part of Love Island USA Season 6 as he was eliminated a few days ago, leaving the audience in a frenzy and curious to know who is he and what is his profile. To get more insight into Connor Newsum’s profile and biography, you need to go through the article to the end. Swipe down the page.

Who Is Connor Newsum?

After making a special entry on the show on Day 2, Connor Newsum could not survive on the villa for more than 16 days as he was eliminated from the show on Thursday, June 28, 2024, when episode 16 was aired. Following his bombshell grand entry on the reality television show, Connor Newsum was eliminated from the show, leaving the audience more curious about him. As he served a very short stint at Love Island USA, his personal life and profile have been under scrutiny. Take a look below to learn who is Love Island USA star Connor Newsum.

As of now, the eliminated contestant of Love Island USA Season 6, Connor Newsum is 28 years of age as he was born on March 29, 1996. He comes from Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. Speaking of his work profile, he has worked as a Public Relations Specialist cited on his LinkedIn account while his Instagram profile shows he is a travel freak and fond of sports, nature, family, and friends.

Some reports also provided details about Connor Newsum’s educational background that he attended California State University, Northbridge, from where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations last year. It is known that the Love Island USA star also worked at Signature Parking as an Area Manager from 2015 to 2020, prior to enrolling himself at the University of California. He also served as a Logistics Specialist at Nomad for a year while attending the college. From there, Connor Newsum joined FaZe Clan and served as a Public Relations Coordinator. He left this company until he joined the reality show Love Island USA. Currently, Connor is associated with JSA+ Partners where he is designated the role of a Public Relations Specialist. It is stated that Newsum has been employed with JSA+ Partners for four months. It is believed that Connor joined JSA+ Partners after completing his stint at the reality show.

His official Instagram account proudly claims Connor Newsum is a contestant of Love Island USA Season 6, where he also attached a link as well which will direct the users to the official Instagram handle of Love Island USA and Peacock’s Insta handle. On Instagram, the contestant of Love Island USA Season 6 has more than 13 thousand followers. We have also learned that Newsum is fond of running because he has shared numerous posts about running with his family and friends. He is an adventurous person who is involved in sports like Skiing, Hiking, and Scuba Diving. Love Island USA Season 6 is premiering on Peacock where a new episode of Love Island USA is released every day except Wednesday. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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