23 July 2024
911 Down

The Massachusetts state faced an outage for its emergency helpline number “911” across the state on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, i.e. yesterday. Amid 911 outage reports in Massachusetts, the netizens believed 911 was down due to a cyber attack. The story of a cyberattack on helpline number 911 went down across the Massachusetts state, and eventually took over the internet, prompting myriad reactions from the netizens. Many people claimed on social media sites that 911 down was due to a cyber breach which also disrupted the associate states including New York and Rhode Island. Meanwhile, people from Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island, started taking over the internet and asking questions about the cyberattack on 911. Catering to the queries of the people of Massachusetts and other states, regarding the cyber breach, the state police shared a statement to address the 911 outage issue. Keep reading this article and go through it to the end. Swipe down.

911 Down Due To Cyber Attack?

A brief statement issued by the State Police clarified that 911 went down and faced an outage due to a technical issue which means there was no incursion or cyber breach. The statewide outage in Massachusetts hitting the 911 helpline number, prompted a discussion among the people that the helpline number went down after the cyberattack which led the services to be disrupted in Massachusetts and other states as well. A user taking to his social media handle reported that the 911 down could be the beginning of a cyberattack. Another person commented on the same post that a cyberattack seems possible. On Tuesday, innumerable posts were shared online claiming a cyberattack on 911. Scroll down the page.

Contrary to the claims of the social media users on 911 down, the State Police of Massachusetts officially claimed that there was a technical issue, not any incursion to debunk all the rumors claiming a cyber breach. It has been several hours since 911 went down but no official report confirming the persisting outage hitting 911 being linked to cyberattack has come out. In addition, it was also reported that the emergency alert about 911 down in Massachusetts was mistakenly shared with other states on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. As a result of statewide perplexion and confusion about the 911 outage, the Department of Public Safety has initiated an investigation into this case. Continue reading this article for more.

The Massachusetts State Police stated on X formerly Twitter that the state 911 Department experienced a technical issue affecting PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) across the state. The same outage matter was also confirmed by Homeland Security and the Connecticut Emergency Management that the state 911 department is experiencing an outage. It stated that people who received the Wireless Emergency Alaert that Connecticut is experiencing an outage hitting 911 is not true. Connecticut did not experience a 911 outage. The Wireless Emergency Alert messages sent to the people of Connecticut were actually for the Massachusetts state. The post also stated that people should refer to the map for the outage-affected area. Have the 911 services been restored? To learn more about Massachusetts’s 911 outage, take a peek below.

After receiving the Wireless Emergency Alert messages, the people of Massachusetts anticipated and speculated when the emergency services would be restored.  However, the official post shared by the MSP and Connecticut did not mention when would the services get restored and the outage issues would be fixed. Thus, it remained a statewide subject of public scrutiny and discussion. As of yet, the official announcement regarding the 911 restoration has not come out. The posts claiming 911 became a target of cyberattack or incursion, were vehemently denied by the authorities through social media posts. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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