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5 terrifying places in Mumbai, where no one makes the mistake of going aloneNews WAALI

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Mumbai: It is said that there is no such thing as ghost or spirit in this world. This has also been proven many times through different research. But even so, many believe that something called a ghost exists. People believe all these things based on what they have experienced or heard. Many people say that if there is a god then there is also a spirit. Above all, people believe what they like.

Today we are bringing the names of some of the places that are believed to be the most haunted places in Mumbai, the locals tell many stories about these places. Then let’s know the places that are in the list of ghost places.

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Mukesh Mill

The Mukesh Mill near the sea in Mumbai’s Colaba area is said to be a haunted place.


This place is spread over an area of ​​11 acres. This place has been named among the top 10 scariest places in the world. Paranormal activities are said to take place here at night as well as during the day.

D’Souza rice

This is a type of challah in Mumbai. Where many feel that women walk in the night. Here a woman gave her life by jumping into a well. People say that her spirit has been wandering here ever since. So people here avoid going out and going that close at night.

Pawanhansa Quarters

It is also one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. People say that a terrible spirit roams here.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

It is said that the ghost of a woman wanders here. Because which people avoid walking here at night.

Aray Dairy Colony

This place is also among the most dangerous and feared places in Mumbai.

a legend

According to locals, a woman here asks people for a lift and then never lets them go. Therefore, nobody walks on the streets here at night.

News 18 Lokmat does not confirm the above, this information is based on general information and information provided by local people. Our purpose is to present information to you.

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