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40-50 friends were celebrating Rangpanchami in the farmhouse, the girl was subdued and beaten; video | 40-50 friends were celebrating Rangpanchami in the farmhouse, the girl was subdued and beaten; videosNews WAALI

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  • 40 50 Friends Were Celebrating Rangpanchami In The Farmhouse, The Girl Was Molested, Beaten; Videos

Khandwa/Sawan Rajput4 hours ago

Amit Hinduja’s aides vandalize a girl’s house in the farmhouse neighborhood.

A dispute broke out during the celebration of Rangpanchami at a farmhouse in Khandwa. The water that came out of the roof of the farmhouse went into the neighbour’s kitchen. He told the owner of the farmhouse to stop the water, a dispute broke out on this issue. The owner of the farmhouse and his 40 to 50 friends vandalized and trampled the neighboring girl’s house. He also threatened to kill when leaving. The people on the girl’s side who came to the rescue were beaten with sticks, who have suffered serious injuries. The police have registered a case in the matter.

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These mischievous elements are the Raiszade of Khandwa, who belong to rich families. On the complaint of a girl living on Badgaon Bhila Road, Moghat Road police station registered a case against colonist Amit Hinduja, a resident of Sindhi Colony, under various sections including molestation. Others have also complained against Amit and his friends under the Disaster Act. The incident involves Hinduja Farm House on Bargaon Bhila Road. Rangpanchami was celebrated on Sunday evening. Then water came from the roof of the farmhouse into the neighboring house. When the neighboring women objected, the owner of the farmhouse Amit Hinduja and his friends committed a shameful incident.

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The victim said – we come from a decent family, he crossed the limits of insanity

The victim has also provided police with video evidence of the incident. say that They were celebrating Panchami by playing DJ sound on the terrace of their farmhouse. But they threw so much water that it reached our kitchen. When I sent the sweeper and the landlord working here to explain, I had a fight with them. Then after seeing me, I started doing shameful acts by abusing me. Then they came on the roof of our tin and started dancing. This caused the tin roof to collapse. They broke into the kitchen and ransacked it. He did a dirty deed with me.

We come from a civilized society and family. Demand strict action by the police against the people who showed such provocation. At the police station, the accused party accepted the mistake and pressed for the resignation. Later, on our written complaint, the police registered a case of assault and molestation against Amit Hinduja and others. Here, since the incident, the accused is absconding in the police records. It has to be seen if they are arrested or influence dominates.

Cuts in the hands and legs of people on the girl’s side, FIR

Here, Amit Hinduja and his associates also attacked the women’s side people who came to the rescue. On the complaint of Anil Srinagar Colony resident, Sagar Kaveri Vihar resident, Chhotu Gandhinagar resident, the police also registered a case of assault. One of them has a broken leg, the other has a broken hand. The police have also had two medical personnel. At present, the two injured are receiving treatment at the district hospital. Here, the accused side has also made a contrary report.

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