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10 Digit Mobile Number, after four days this 10 digit mobile number will be banned, an important order of Trai – trai directs ban on using 10 digit mobile number for pesky call messages know detailsNews WAALI

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New Delhi: A new rule has been announced by TRAI to curb telemarketing companies. According to this rule, unregistered mobile numbers of 10 digits will be closed during the next 4 days. There was a report on February 16. It was claimed that a ban on calling from unregistered mobile numbers had been ordered. Therefore, if this is done, the promotional message of 10 digits will be closed. Which is used for promotional calls.

Use a 10 digit mobile phone number for promotion

TRAI has taken a strict stand against those who send promotional messages that harass consumers. TRAI in a report said that 10-digit mobile phones cannot be used for promotions. In fact, different numbers are issued for normal calls and promotional calls. So routine calls can be instantly recognized. But, some reports claimed that some telecom companies are breaking the rules. Make promotional messages and calls from 10 digit mobile phone numbers. According to TRAI’s new order, all telecom service providers have been asked to implement the rules within 4 days. If they do not stop the 10-digit numbers from making promotional calls within these days, TRAI will take action.

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Don’t do that
If you are using a 10 digit mobile phone number for promotional calls, it is against the rules. This should be stopped immediately. If you should close such mobile numbers in the next 4 days. Telemarketing companies should stop calling consumers from personal mobile phone numbers. TRAI has also said that consumers should make promotional calls from the company’s registered mobile number.

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