13 July 2024
Eric Bolling

The fans of The Balance, a Newsmax show, were left with some bits of disappointment when the host of the show Eric Bolling announced his departure. Yes, you read that right, Eric Bolling is leaving the show. He has departed from The Balance. The host himself confirmed his exit from the show. The news of Eric Bolling’s exit from The Balance, surfaced after three years when he started hosting the show. Undoubtedly, Eric Bolling had a very great time while hosting Newsmax’s The Balance but Bolling wanted to take on new challenges in his life, thus, he opted to quit the long-running successful show for some new projects. Since it was announced that Eric Bolling has left The Balance, the fans have been eagerly asking what happened to him and why he is leaving the show. For more details, follow this column to the end. Scroll down.

Where Eric Bolling Is Going After The Balance?

Reportedly, the beloved host of The Balance announced his departure from the Newsmax show through his official website where he affirmed and indicated that his exit was primarily decided by the network as it chose to go their separate ways. Eric Bolling who had been hosting The Balance for three years, accepted the decision of Newsmax and decided to work on new projects. However, Eric Bolling did not open up about plans and upcoming projects but he indicated that he would come back soon.

A spokesperson of Newsmax was also questioned about Eric Bolling’s removal from The Balance. He replied that Eric Bolling’s departure was a mutual decision of the host and the network. The spokesperson also wished the host for his bright future and upcoming projects. Besides talking about the removal of Eric Bolling, Newsmax’s spokesperson also gave some important updates about the show. He said that Eric Bolling’s show The Balance which used to air on prime time, 8 PM ET, will be canceled and temporarily replaced by “Prime News” and it will be hosted by different hosts until the new primetime show is announced officially.

The network also thanked Eric Bolling for his service at the network and a great time together. Eric Bolling also lauded the work of Newsmax and recalled the moments he enjoyed there. Catering to the fans’ queries, who are speculating where he is going after leaving The Balance, the host has not yet revealed his plans but he assured his fans that he will come back very soon with new projects. In addition, Eric Bolling reportedly has already started working on new projects. But he needs some time to prepare for the new project. While many are speculating about the removal of Eric Bolling from The Balance it remains a subject of public scrutiny and conjecture as well because neither Eric Bolling nor the network has revealed the reason for his removal. Swipe down the page.

For the unversed, Eric Bolling is a renowned television host who is also a conservative political commentator. He has also worked as an author and financial commentator. The American TV personality also has primarily worked for Fox News as a financial commentator. At Fox Business Channel News, Eric Bolling used to host Cashin’ In and The Five on Fox News Channel. In 2017, he left the Fox News network and published two books, The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It in 2017 and Wake Up America in 2016. Later, he hosted popular TV shows like America This Week and America on The Blaze. Stay tuned.

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