15 July 2024
Sam Forster

Sam Forster is a very talented Canadian-American reporter who is known for his boldness. Recently he stirred up a frenzy with his new book, Seven Shoulders: Taxonomizing Racism in Moder America. Since the journalist’s name has come on the internet it has gone viral on several social media platforms. Now people are searching for Sam Forster’s name on the internet as they want to know about him and his latest book Seven Shoulders. We have more information about it and will share it with you in this article. So let’s continue the article.

Who Is Sam Forster?

Sam Forster’s book Seven Shoulders was published on 30 May 2024, Thursday. Forster’s purpose was to expose the persistent discrimination prevailing in American society. But, his peculiar techniques of doing so caught everyone off-guard took to “disguising himself as a Black man.” Sam’s book was published on Thursday and it gained huge attention from the people. People were waiting for it for a long time as they knew that it would be very interesting and entertaining. Currently, thousands of people are curious to know who is Sam Forster. Scroll down to the next page for more details about the news.

Sam Forster is a diligent Canadian journalist who is best known for his great work. The reporter is known to several famous publications like The National Post and The Spectator. On Tuesday, 28 May 2024, Sam Forster promoted his book on the X platform (formerly Twitter). To document racism firsthand, he resorted to wearing blackface, a synthetic Afro wig, and colored reference lenses. Describing it as an immersive process, his post said,” Last summer, I disguised myself as a Black man and toured throughout the United States to report how racism prevails in American society”. Don’t forget to read the full article till the end.

On Amazon, the description of the book asserts it to be “the most important book on American race connections that has ever been written”. The asserts have fueled backlash with the techniques being widely about as offensive and unacceptable, several have charged Forster of exploiting Black experiences. Many famous figures have also expressed discontent, such as Nikole Hannah-Jones, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter behind the 1619 Project, and even New York Times political reporter Astead Herndon. Nikole Hannah-Jones is an American reporter who is better known for her coverage of civil rights in the United States. She entered the New York Times as a staff writer in April 2015. In this article, we will cover all the important details about the news.

Reportedly, Forster replied to the criticism. He protected his methods and compared them to the model of immersive journalism during the civil rights movements. In the statement to Newsweek, Sam stated,” Speaking with Black Americans was a critical part of my writing process”. But, without revealing anyone’s identities, he spoke of his interview with several Black politicians and other people. The reporter’s publisher, Slaughterhouse Media, also supported his way and the firm forwarded his comments to Newsweek. You are on the right page for more information about the news.

However, many drew similarities between his methods and that of John Howard Griffin’s. To publish Black Like Me in 1961, Griffin blackened his skin. Albeit his work was groundbreaking at the time, Griffin, too came under scrutiny for his approach. Analysts on social media have not taken this lightly, with many voicing their disdain. Many such as B.A. Paker. co-host of NPR’s Code Switch and Janel Cubbage. Forster still keeps that his book offers valuable insights. Before Sam’s book release, it has already generated a ton of buzz. Here we have shared all the information that we had. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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