19 July 2024

Leading prompt-based AI tool, ChatGPT just recently became faster and smarter with its latest upgrade called GPT-4o. OpenAI introduced the new version of the globally followed text-prompt-based AI tool ChatGPT’s latest version with the title “ChatGPT-4o”. Note, that the newly introduced model is also called Omni. It is an AI tool that is capable of thoroughly understanding images, video, audio, and text easily. As mentioned, OpenAI left no stone unturned in making GPT-4o much faster and smarter than ChatGPT. In the Spring Update, OpneAI announced that the company has just recently made the best AI accessible means it is free to use. Interestingly, GPT-4o is designed to talk back to you just like Google Assistance. Since this model has been presented by OpenAI, tech enthusiasts have become more keen to learn more useful features and availability of this tool. Thus, we have comprehensively discussed it in the following sections. Continue reading this article.

When Is Chatgpt 4o Coming Out?

As per the reports, the rollout for GPT-4o has not been completed yet. It is currently available only in batches. Recently, it was made available to the macOS app. Speaking of the changes, the most significant change is the change of web address as it has been altered to chatgpt.com from chat.openai.com. In case, you have got access to GPT-4o on your account, you can use it in the mobile app and on the web as well. Reportedly, some users of the Mac app also have been given access to GPT-4o. If you are thinking of accessing GPT-4o from someone else’s working link, please note that it won’t work at all unless you have been given access to your OpenAI account. Otherwise, you will get the error prompt reading “You don’t have access.”

It is quite worth considering to discuss what users are getting at this time after signing in to GPT-4o. As per the reports, the users are currently only able to access the chat version of GPT-4o because the other advanced features including voice, image, and video have not been made accessible as this model is rolling out gradually. But if you have free access to GPT-4o, then you will see a major change in its working speed. GPT-4o is just not only faster than the previous model of ChatGPT 3.5 but it also has become smarter. OpenAI’s users will also now be able to run code snippets, use custom GPT chatbots, and analyze images and text files.

How to access and use GPT-4o?n The first step to access GPT-4o is to sign in to ChatGPT. It does not matter if you are using a free or a premium version of ChatGPT. First, visit the website and sign in to the account. In case, you are a new user, then you need to sign up. As of now, the macOS app is only available or accessible to a few users but it will be rolled out for a broader audience by the next week. So, download the macOS app. After successfully signing into your ChatGPT account, you will need to navigate to the drop-down menu option from the top of the screen.

You will get a list of models or versions available of ChatGPT, after hovering on the drop-down menu option. You can choose from ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, and ChatGPT-4o. If you are not seeing the option of ChatGPT-4o then it means your account does not have access to the latest version. If you see the option of ChatGPT-4o then you are one of a few people who have been given access to this upgraded version. You can use images, videos, audio, and text messages by uploading them to ChatGPT-4o for better understanding and desired results.

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