13 July 2024

The most popular show of SABC 1, Uzalo has released the promo of its upcoming episode which will air on Monday, June 10, 2024. The newly released promo and the episodes that have been broadcast so far this month indicated that Uzalo is going to be more dramatic this month. If you have not watched the recent episodes, then don’t worry, we have explained everything that happened in Uzalo till Saturday, June 8, 2024, and what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes of this South African soap opera. We have also given a brief recap of Uzalo for the first week of this month. By going down the page, you will find out what happened in the show. Go through the column till the end.

Uzalo South African Soapie Teaser Episode SABC 1 DSTV Channel 191 Watch Video

Uzalo debuted on SABC 1 in 2015. As of 2024, the show’s story has come a very long way from when it started with the switch of two young men at their births, one went to the Christian family while the other went to the crime syndicate. If you are a regular viewer of this popular South African television show, then you can start with the recap of June’s first week. On June 3, 2024, Sgidi was shocked by his parent’s reaction to his new toy, and Mbatha’s expectations were not met while Nokuthula distanced herself. In Episode 68 of Uzalo, Hawi ties on Nonka, and MaDongwe gets engaged in new things. The drama intensified when Sipho spit the truth to his father.

In the next episode which aired on June 4, 2024, Nkuzi could not stand tall to see his enemy being celebrated in his town while Mondli felt sad when he heard about another robbery at the station while the church tent baptism is disrupted by the unidentified men. In Episode 70 of Uzalo, the viewers saw Mzwezwe and Screwdriver put their conditions to become the superfans of KwaMashu Football Club. This episode also showed Mondli emphasized that the case of robbery at church should be given priority and Shlobos identifies Mbatha through his tattoo shown in the robbery video. Take a look below to learn what happened in Episodes 71 and 72. Continue reading this article.

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, episode 71 aired on SABC 1, in which police officer Biyela walks scot-free Mbatha ace up his sleeve, and Screwdriver goes away after hearing the arrest news of Mbatha after being recognized in the robber’s video through his tattoo. The most recent episode which aired on Saturday, June 8, 2024, Episode 72 of Uzalo, showed Geja encouraging her to deal with the challenges posed by the people in power while Mondli wanted to nail Nyawo to the cross. Suddenly Mbatha felt that nobody was in trouble except him. The latest episode ends with Ngidi explaining the situation to the police while sitting in custody and answering the police’s questions. He also says that he did not kill anyone. The precap of Episode 73 which will air on June 10, 2024, revealed Ngidi’s pardoning to Nokuthula by explaining the case while Prince is in danger ass Biyela has put his gun on his face.

In the upcoming episode of Uzalo, another station will be robbed and Mzamo investigates to learn how Ngidi was pardoned by Nokuthula and what he said to him and Mbatha starts trailing when the robbery’s victims started people sitting in the power. The church will also welcome a new drum player to the show. If you find Kobedi Pokane and Gugu Zuma Ncube’s Uzalo an interesting soap opera then you can catch all the episodes on SABC 1 from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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