19 July 2024
Tōru Furuya

Famous Japanese voice actor Tōru Furuya recently made some revelations on social media, taking the voice-acting industry by storm and creating a stir within the industry as the voice actor admitted to assaulting and dating a female fan for four years. Yes, you read that right, Tōru Furuya is best known for playing characters in anime series like Yamcha from Dragon Ball, Sabo from One Piece, Amuro from Mobile-Suit Gundam, Tuxedo Mask, Rei from Detective Conan, and Seiya from Saint Seiya, was interviewed by Weekly Bunshun where the voice actor voluntarily confessed to dating a fan for four years. Since the voice actor made these shocking revelations, he has been part of widespread criticism from the fans. If you are still not aware of the whole matter, then follow this column till the end to learn what Tōru Furuya confessed voluntarily in the interview.

Tōru Furuya

As per the reports, the article published by Weekly Bunshun acknowledging his relationship with a female fan for four years, also revealed that he pregnant her and later forced her for an abortion. In the interview, the renowned voice actor said that he got attracted to that female fan who was there to support him. Later, the voice actor contacted that female fan and eventually started dating her. Furthermore, Tōru Furuya publicly admitted that he dated that female fan for around four and a half years.

Shockingly, the Sabo’s voice actor from One Piece admitted that he also assaulted her once when the two got involved in a heated argument. During their secret affair, the female fan of Tōru Furuya also got pregnant from him. When the voice actor asked her to abort the child the woman initially refused to do it. Somehow, Tōru Furuya forced the woman for an abortion to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. In the video, he further claimed that he tortured the woman mentally and physically during their relationship.

While keeping the identity of the female fan who was in a romantic relationship with him, Tōru Furuya apologized to her and his fans as well for betraying them. During the interview, Tōru Furuya said, “I cannot apologize enough for betraying the trust of all my fans who have supported me over the years, disappointing them, hurting them, and tarnishing my character. I have also betrayed the trust of all those involved and have caused them a great deal of trouble.” An article published by Bunshun Online stated that the woman is now 37 years old and she also explained how Tōru Furuya treated her for 4 years.

The victim who is now 37 years of age revealed, “I knew Furuya-san’s name because I was an anime fan, but I became a fan when I heard his voice playing in Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare (2016). I found myself going to the cinema 45 times to see Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer (2018) and cried at the sight of Furuya-san’s performance.” It was New Year’s Day 2019 when he got a message from an unknown number of Furuya.

When their secret relationship went to a new level, the female fan questioned the voice actor how their relationship would progress because Furuya was not supposed to divorce his wife. In 2020, the voice actor physically assaulted her at his home when the woman asked him to break up. In 2021, the woman came to know that she was pregnant with Furuya’s child as he refused to use condoms during intercourse. The voice actor has agreed to pay for his mistake and prepared for his punishment. Stay tuned.

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