21 July 2024

Since 2008, one of the most-watched Indian television shows “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” has been running with the same TRP. The audience is still liking the daily drama of the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. As of now, the show has made 4099 episodes. The show created history by becoming one of the most highly-rated shows in the television industry. A few weeks ago, the show was entering with glimpses of election time. Now, the election drama has been almost finished in the show. What will be the news in the upcoming episodes? The viewers of the show are eagerly waiting for the new story of TMKOC. However, the good news is coming for the viewers the show is back with real-life situations. In today’s report, we are going to shed light on the new episode 4099 of TMKOC. Let’s take a look at the new episode of the show.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 4099 episode

Episode 4099 starts with Bhide who asks Madhavi why to buy new packets of soaps we have already several types of variety soaps. He shows the small pieces of soap to Madhavi. Sonu is packing the pickle into the box. He says that all these pieces of soap will be combined into one big soap. Madhavi gives mixed reactions and says I don’t want to wash my hands all of these soaps. He questions, should we throw away all this soap? I know they are going to end but we should support them in their last time, we should give hands to washing. Madhavi says I have asked Abdul Bhaiya to bring soap and I will wash my hands only with it. Just then, Abdul comes there and slips on the ground due to the pieces of soap. Madhavi and Bhide rush to Abdul. Bhide tries to get up Babdul but he also falls with him. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

The new episode of TMKOC is bringing new joy, drama, and daily situation episodes for the fans and followers. In the new episode, the viewers will see how Bhide and Madhavi argue for a new soap. On the other side, Abdul was also injured. What will be the next episode? The craze among the people is increasing for the upcoming episode of TMKOC. Let’s take a look at the episode 4098. The episode starts with Kurmura Kumar who picks another topic to fight with Chana Kumar. He asks Chana Kumar what kind of service you have done. Everyone agrees with him. Chana Kumar gets angry. Mehata silently says to Jethalal that Kurmura does not know that after some time his turn will also come. Jethalal asks Sodhi about his friends. Sodhi says yes, they came. Bhide tells Popatlal that Bhide invited them not me, to go and ask him. Champak Chacha asks them to keep quiet.

The mission starts and the invited friends of Sodhi pretend to faint. Everyone rushes to them. Doctor Hathi comes and checks their hand veins. The news reporter also comes there. Everyone worried about them. He asks Bhide to open their eyes. Dr. Hathi tells everyone, that both of them have food poisoning. Everyone shocked. Kurmura Kumar asks how can be this happen. Dr. Hathi confirms that it happened due to chaas. Popatlal shouts that there is something wrong with the chaas, don’t drink it. A man says maybe this drink is made of stale curd and says to his mate we have to test it. The man warns Kurmura Kumar if it is true then illegal action will be taken against him. Chana Kumar says look, he is playing with people’s health. The faint both men wake up.

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