21 July 2024
Sudipar Sangsar

The popular internet and television personality Sudipa Chatterjee is making her comeback to the screen with a new cooking show titled Sudipar Sangsar. For the unversed, Sudipa Chatterjee is best known for her widely popular cooking show Sudipar Rannaghor which airs on Zee Bangla. In 2022, the renowned cooking show host Sudipa Chatterjee bid farewell to her long-running Zee Bangla show Sudipar Rannaghor after a long period of 17 years which of course made her fans and admirers quite sad. But people’s favorite cooking show host Sudipa Chatterjee has given some cheering and major updates about her next venture. As per the reports, her new show is titled Sudipar Sangsar. Since this cooking show was announced, this show has been in the talks of Sudipa Chatterjee’s followers. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding Sudipar Sangsar’s details, then keenly go through the following sections. Swipe down the page.

On Zee Bangla, Sudipa Chatterjee hosted a cooking show named Sudipar Rannabhog for a total of 17 years before bidding farewell to the network in 2022. As of now, Zee Bangla is running another cooking show titled Randhane Bandhan but people’s favorite kitchen queen Sudipa Chatterjee is not on this show as it is hosted by famous Tollywood couple Ridhima Ghosh and Gourab Chakrabarty. For the unversed, the kitchen queen of Tollywood Sudipa Chatterjee is the spouse of Agnideb Chatterjee. She recently hit the news headlines by announcing her new show but Sudipa has decided to go digital instead of hosting a television show. Yes, you read that right, Sudipa Chatterjee’s upcoming cooking show Sudipar Sangsar is a digital show. Continue reading this article to learn more about it.

Though it was great news for the fans of Sudipa Chatterjee they were still left with some doubts such as where to watch Sudipa Chatterjee’s Sudipar Sangsar. While sharing the updates of her new show “Sudipar Sangsar”, Sudipa Chatterjee ensured that this show will be bigger and grander as she won’t limit herself to sharing cooking tips only but Sudipa Chatterjee will also teach women’s safety and empowerment in her new show. The queen of kitchen reportedly announced her new show through her official Instagram handle where she revealed that she is not coming back to the TV screens but on the digital platform as she will host the show on her own YouTube channel.

On her Instagram handle, Sudipa Chatterjee also has shared several videos showing the preparations of her new show “Sudipar Songsaar” in which she will collaborate with Babul Supriyo as well. In the cooking show, the queen of the kitchen will also be seen singing with Babul Supriyo. On the other hand, the fans have started speculating if Sudipa Chatterjee will be able to challenge the top-rated cooking show Randhane Bandhan airing of Zee Bangla and hosted by Ridhima Ghosh and Gaurav Chakrabarty. However, Randhane Bandhan also streams on an OTT platform but its major chunk of viewership comes from television.

The new show of Sudipa Chatterjee will be produced by her husband Agnideb Chatterjee along with some sponsors. When and where to watch her new show Sudipar Sangsar? As per the reports, the new cooking show where Sudipa Chatterjee will be seen sharing culinary tips will start on June 8, 2024, Saturday. The first two episodes of this show will be released at 9 AM on June 8 and June 9 on the official YouTube channel of Sudipa Chatterjee. In the first two days, the queen of the kitchen will be seen cooking prawn and oily gravy hilsa dishes.  Stay tuned.

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