19 July 2024

A Stock market is the accumulation of consumers and sellers of stocks, which describe ownership assertions on businesses, these may include protection listed on a public stock exchange and as stock that is only traded privately, such as shares of private firms that are sold to investors through equity crowdfunding platforms. Recently, it was reported that the stock market investors lost Rs 38 lakh crore as the election race gets tighter. Now people want to know about the complete information about it. Here we have more information about it and we will share it with you in this article.

The Indian stock market saw an overall sharp selloff after early trends revealed that the election result could be closer than exit votes had indicated. Benchmarks the Sensex and the Nifty 50 cacked more than eight percent each, while the BSE Midcap index nosedived ten percent and the BSE Smallcap suffered a loss of over 8 % intraday on Tuesday, 4 June 2024. Specialists suggested that the Indian stock market had already factored in a substantial majority for the NDA, as exit votes had indicated. Swipe up the next page for more information about the news.

However, early movements indicated that the effects may not align with market anticipations, which appears to have shocked investors. Avinash Gorakshkar the head of research at Profitmart Securities stated that “This sharp decline in the Indian stock market is especially due to the disappointing early trends in the Lok Sabha Election result. This movement is not in sync with the exit vote. This has put some terror on the market. The share market has published a huge jump in the early trade, banking on the yearnings of political stability as expected by the exit votes. In this article, we will cover all the information about it.

“The vertical fall is because of the results so far falling short of the exit votes, which the market discounted yesterday. If the Bharatiya Janta Party does not get a majority on its own, there will be disappointment, as contemplated in the market,” stated Dr VK Vijayakumar. Dr VK Vijayakumar is a Chief Investment Strategist who works at Geojit Financial Services. He also added it is likely, that Modi 3.0 May not be as reform-oriented as the market strength of FMCG stocks,” Currently the news has been trending on the social media platforms. Don’t forget to read the full article till the end.

CEO of Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies Andrew Holland said that the market trust after the exit poll was also premised on these votes having been more or less accurate predictors in the past two decades, save in 2004, for the Lok Sabha Vote. He also said “This confidence was shocked in the first half of Tuesday. We will wait to witness what occurs in the second half. Deven Choksey of DRChoksey Finserv followed that the market has been responding early, with just two rounds of counting accomplished, while due to physical counting under VVPAT, the method is slower currently. You are on the right page for more information about the news.

Most tracks are premature in reporting numbers and setting the records but without regarding the number of rounds for which the counting happened. I feel the market will one more time get steady and the same elevated beta stocks will be purchased. Nifty 50 was 7.20% down at 21,590.00, while the Sensex was 6.43% down at 71,548 around 12:15 pm. The overall mcap of BSE-listed companies stood at close ₹388 lakh crore at that time. Previously, the Sensex and the Nifty 50 had clocked strong earnings hoping for a solid maturity of NDA. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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