16 July 2024
Siwet Tomar and Anicka Shyrin

Season 15 of the popular reality dating show, Splitsvilla, is designed as Splitsvilla X5 and it is worth mentioning that season 15 is one of the most successful seasons of this reality dating show. Recently, Splitsvilla X5 came into the headlines for its controversial and dramatic events which are the main elements of this show to draw the viewers’ attention and garner a good viewership. In addition, the contestants of Splitsvilla X5 also have made a significant contribution to enormously increase the show’s viewership and popularity as well. The fiery arguments and spiced-up twists between the contestants’ relationships have left the audience more intrigued and captivated about it. In this article, we have discussed the recent twists and turns in the relationship between Anicka Shyrin and Siwet Tomar, which became the topic of the town. Do you know why they broke up? If not, here is why, take a look below.

Why Did Siwet and Anicka Break Up After MTV Splitsvilla X5?

The latest update from the town is the fans’ favorite couple, Anicka Shyrin-Siwet Tomar, announced their break up which was nothing less than a surprising development for the viewers. The now-split-up couple announced their split through a live stream on Instagram. Since they parted ways and confirmed it on Instagram Live, the fans have been speculating about the reason for their breakup. To cater to your speculation about Anicka and Siwet’s split, take a look below.

As per the reports, Anicka Shyrin’s boyfriend Siwet Tomar left her because of her support toward her ex-boyfriend Lakshay. The breakup of Anicka and Siwet also led to a heated conversation between Siwet and Lakshay. Anicka’s recent boyfriend Siwet blamed her for supporting her former boyfriend Lakshay which hugely disappointed him. To show his anger and disappointment, Siwet did not take long to block Anicka from his social media accounts and left their broadcast channel.


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As mentioned, Siwet confirmed her separation from Anicka during an Instagram Live stream in which he also explained the reason for the breakup, he said, “When Lakshay and Digvijay used to troll and send hate towards Anicka, nobody cared but now when I did something only to stand by for someone I’m dating then everything is against me.” Siwet kept saying that he was surprised and disappointed at the same time when Anicka supported Lakshay instead of taking a stand for him. Thus, Siwet decided to end his relationship with Anicka.

The Splitsvilla X5 contestant, Siwet Tomar also said in his Instagram Live that he knows how his girlfriend Anicka speaks to her ex-boyfriend about him behind his back. Siwet alleged that Anicka had bad-mouthed him. Concluding his live stream, Tomar said he does not want to live in a relationship with a girl who is still in touch with her ex-boyfriend, ‘I’m done with this’. After hearing Siwet on Instagram Live, the fans were eagerly waiting for Anicka’s response to this. Take a look below to learn how Anicka reacted to Siwet’s accusation.


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Vehemently, Anicka denied all the allegations and statements made by Siwet in his live stream. In addition, Anicka also requested him to talk to her at least once. In the previous episode, Anicka and Siwet showed good chemistry between them, when Siwet was not performing the ‘Chonch se Chonch Mila’ task poorly while Anicka continuously encouraged and motivated him to perform it. In today’s episode of Splitsvilla X5, Uorfi Javed and Digvijay Rathee also get involved in a fight, bringing new twists to the reality show.

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