23 July 2024
Simon Barlow

Who Is Leaving Coronation Street? The very popular television series Coronation Street just recently bid farewell to one of its key characters which also marked the quit of a well-known actor from the cast of the show. If you have not watched the latest episode of Coronation Street, then you must be in a frenzy to know who is leaving the show and what happened. Before giving the spoiler, here is a forewarning that we have revealed the name of the actor leaving the show and explained what happened in the latest episode of Coronation Street. The character who came to his end in the storyline of Coronation Street was Simon Barlow. Yes, you read that right, Alex Bain’s character Simon Barlow has ended in the show. In case, you are scrambling to the web regarding the exit of a character, this article will let you know everything. Be sticky with this page and follow it to the end.

Simon Barlow

Has Simon Barlow’s Journey Ended On Coronation Street?

Since the question is being asked by a large number of people if Simon Barlow’s journey has come to an end on the show, we reveal that yes it is true, Simon Barlow played by Alex Bain, has ended his journey on the show. This news may not sound good to all the viewers of Coronation Street but that’s the way cookie crumbles. As per the reports, Alex Bain who was playing the character of Simon Barlow in the show has left the show. However, the actor said while bidding goodbye to his family and Weatherfield. However, it was not the only focused event that happened in the soap recently as other big things also unfolded like trouble with his mother Leanne, Nick, and Toyah. Simon Barlow simply gets into a taxi to go to the airport and says goodbye to his family before leaving. Swipe down the page for more details.

For the unversed, actor Alex Bain played the role of Simon Barlow in the famous television show Coronation Street. However, Alex Bain is also known for appearing in an advertisement for Rice Krispies. After showing his exposure to the industry through an advertisement, Alex Bain secured a role in the BBC’s Sunshine. It was October 2008 when he joined the cast of Coronation Street and started portraying the character of Simon Barlow. He played this role for a considerable long time. Over the years, he had become a household name for his role in the soap opera, Coronation Street. Eventually, the viewers of the show also started liking him and loving to watch him on the screen.

For his amazing work in the field of acting, Alex Bain also won several awards such as two back-to-back Best Young Performance Awards at the Inside Soap Awards in 2009 and 2010, and Best Young Actor in 2011 at the British Soap Awards. His accolades are a testament to his acting talent and his dedication to his work. It is said that Alex Bain even instilled the personality of Simon Barlow by portraying this character for years.

Simon Barlow is a fictional character of Coronation Street and he is the son of Lucy Richards and Peter Barlow. For the first time, Simon was introduced in the show in 2003. In the storyline of the show, Simon Barlow deals with his parents’ separation, problems at his school, and issues associated with his complicated family. Coronation Street is a British show which started in 1963 and it has aired a total of 11,275 episodes as of May 24, 2024. The show has been running successfully ever since its inception in 1963. Stay tuned to this website.

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