19 July 2024
Shocking Incident: Toll Staff Attacks Child with Iron Rod and Thrashes Her Family in Shivpuri over FASTag Payment

In a disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, toll booth staff in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, brutally attacked a child with an iron rod and assaulted her family following a dispute over FASTag payment. The incident, which was captured on camera, has sparked outrage and demands for justice.

The shocking video footage shows the toll booth staff engaging in a violent altercation with the family. The dispute allegedly erupted when the family was unable to produce a valid FASTag for payment at the toll booth. Instead of finding a peaceful resolution, the toll staff resorted to extreme violence, using an iron rod to attack the innocent child and mercilessly thrashing her family members.

The video, which quickly went viral on social media platforms, has evoked widespread condemnation from all corners of society. People are appalled by the ruthless behavior displayed by the toll staff, who are meant to ensure smooth operations and facilitate safe passage through the toll plaza. The incident has raised serious questions about the conduct and training of toll booth employees.

Outrage and Demands for Justice

As news of the incident spread, outrage grew among the public, with many demanding swift action against the culprits. Netizens took to social media to express their anger and frustration, calling for the immediate arrest of the toll booth staff involved in the assault. The video served as crucial evidence, leaving no room for doubt about the brutality inflicted upon the innocent victims.

Political leaders, human rights organizations, and child rights activists have also voiced their concerns and demanded justice for the affected family. They have called upon the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, identify the perpetrators, and ensure that they are held accountable for their actions. It is crucial for society to send a strong message that such acts of violence will not be tolerated.

The Importance of FASTag Implementation

The incident in Shivpuri has brought the issue of FASTag implementation into the spotlight. FASTag is an electronic toll collection system introduced by the government to streamline the process of toll payment and reduce traffic congestion at toll plazas. It aims to provide a hassle-free experience for commuters by enabling cashless transactions.

However, this incident highlights the challenges and shortcomings in the implementation of FASTag. While the system has been largely successful in easing traffic flow, there have been instances where conflicts arise between toll booth staff and commuters over compliance with the FASTag requirement. It is essential for toll authorities to ensure proper training of their staff and establish clear protocols for handling such situations without resorting to violence.

Ensuring Safety and Accountability

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of travelers, especially at toll booths, where they should feel secure and protected. It is the responsibility of toll authorities to ensure the well-being of commuters and address any grievances or disputes in a professional and lawful manner.

The government must take immediate action to investigate the incident, apprehend the culprits, and provide justice to the victims. It is also crucial to conduct a comprehensive review of existing protocols and implement stricter measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Regular training programs for toll booth staff, focused on conflict resolution and customer service, should be a priority to avoid any recurrence of violence.


The brutal attack on a child and her family by toll booth staff in Shivpuri has shocked the nation. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the need to ensure the safety and accountability of those in positions of authority. Swift and decisive action must be taken to bring the perpetrators to justice and to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. It is imperative for society to stand united against any form of violence and work towards creating a safer and more compassionate environment for all.

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