19 July 2024
Shinda Shinda No Papa

Another success story for Saregama after back-to-back hits Ni Mainb Sass Kuttni 2 and Shinda Shinda No Papa. The latter has emerged as the highest grosser of the year in the Punjabi Film Industry worldwide. Yes, you read that right, Shinda Shinda No Papa has surpassed Jatt Nu Chudail Takri at the box office. Actor Gippy Grewal must be overwhelmed by the response of the audience to his films which are the two biggest hits of the Punjabi film industry in 2024. As the comedy family drama film starring the real-life father-son duo Gippy Grewal and Shinda Grewal, has emerged as the highest-grossing Punjabi film of the year, let’s take a look at the in-depth analysis of the film’s box office collection worldwide. Delve into the details and learn more about the film.

Shinda Shinda No Papa

Shinda Shinda No Papa total box office collection

Shinda Shinda No Papa was released in theaters on May 10, 2024. Currently, the film is in the fifth week of its theatrical run. Where many film struggles to survive in theaters after just one week of their release on the other hand Shinda Shinda No Papa has been maintaining a strong grip on the box office and taking its worldwide box office collection to a new record as the film has already has beaten previous highest grossing Punjabi film Jatt Nu Chudail Takri which collected Rs 34 Crore worldwide in its lifetime box office collection.

In the fourth week of its theatrical release, Shinda Shinda No Papa showed a minimal decline of barely 25 percent at the box office and collected Rs 3 Crore in India net. Gippy Grewal and Hina Khan’s film reportedly has grossed Rs 20 Crore in India only as of now. In the overseas market, the film collected almost the same box office collection around $2.15 million or Rs 18 Crore. The gross box office collection of Shinda Shinda No Papa worldwide is Rs 38 Crore to this date. Kindly note that the box office collection mentioned in this article does not include the collection from Pakistan as data from the neighbor country is not available. The sources have claimed that Shinda Shinda No Papa might have collected at least Rs 2 Crore in Pakistan as well, taking the worldwide box office collection to around Rs 40 Crore. Continue reading this article for more details.

In the first week of its theatrical release, Shinda Shinda No Papa collected a total of Rs 7.8 Crore in India net. The following week, the comedy family drama film minted around Rs 5.10 Crore in the Indian market. In the third week of its release, Shinda Shinda No Papa’s business was reported to be Rs 4 Crore while Rs 3 Crore in the fourth week. After four weeks, Shinda Shinda No Papa’s Indian box office collection totals Rs 20 Crore. Continue reading this article.

As of now, the film is in the fifth week of its release and it is in no mood to slow down very soon because the overseas market is pushing its box office collection ahead. If this trend continues, Shinda Shinda No Papa’s lifetime business may total in the range of Rs 45-50 Crores. The film also gets a boost in the Indian market in the fifth week due to no major release in the fourth week. A slew of big Punjabi films including Kudi HaryaneVal Di and Jatt & Juliet3 are scheduled to release later in June. Shinda Shinda No Papa has been maintaining a strong performance with a minimal decline in the footballs in its fifth week, marching toward a mountainous lifetime box office collection of around Rs 45 Crore. Stay tuned.

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