21 July 2024
Saint Young Men Live-Action

Saint Young Men is one of the most anticipated Japanese slice-of-life comedy manga series. The writer of the series is Hikaru Nakamura and it is directed by Noriko Takao. On the other side, the producers are Hideharu Gomi and Reo Kurosu. As per the recent details, the Live-action Saint Young Men Film announced the team’s heavenly realm cast. The new, called  THE movie ~ holymen VS akuma gundan is going to be released soon. However, it is going to be the first live-action movie of Hikaru Nakamura. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. check out in detail.

Live-Action Saint Young Men Film Cast Reveals

The first live-action film of Hikaru Nakamura’s Saint Young Men will be released in 2024. A video behind the scenes has gone viral and created much buzz. The shared video reveals the cast of the series. Several famous and talented actors will appear in this series.

The top cast are:

  1. Takanori Iwata as Archangel Michael
  2. Kento Kaku as Brahmā. Brahmā appears as the personal conception of the universal principle
  3. Mai Shiraishi as Benzaiten, Benzaiten is playing the role of the goddess of music and art.
  4. Jirō Satō plays an original character in the film, a battle hermit
  5. Ryo Katsuji as Taishakuten, In the series, Taishakuten is playing an incredible role. As per the details, Taishakuten is a god of war and thunder.

The upcoming live-action movie, THE movie ~ holymen VS akuma gundan will be released at the box office on December 20, 2024. The cast are same as were in the previous live-action series. The cast are Ken’ichi Matsuyama who will appear as Jesus and Shōta Sometani will appear as Buddha. The first season of the live-action movie premiered on October 18, 2018, on Piccoma TV. As we earlier mentioned, Saint Young Men is a very well-known Japanese slice-of-life comedy manga series which is written and created by Hikaru Nakamura. The whole story is about Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. Both used to live together in an apartment located in Tokyo.

As of 2024, it has a total of 21 chapters. Furthermore, it was first published in English in December 2019 in Kodansha USA. With the same title, the anime film was released on May 10, 2013. In 2018, it has ten live-action episodes were released. Let’s take a look at the plot of the series. The whole story is about Jesus and Gautama Buddha. Jesus’s voice role is played by Mirai Moriyama in the anime while Gōtama Buddha’s voice role is played by Gen Hoshino in the anime. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Both characters, Jesus and Buddha live together in an apartment. During the period of vacation, they learn about the modern Japanese society. If we talk about Ryo Katsuj, is a renowned Japanese actor and voice actor. In the upcoming series “Saint Young Men: The Movie, he is playing the role of Śakra. He is known as one of the most famous and talented Japanese actors who worked in several hit movies, web series, and television dramas.

In the series, Mai Shiraishi is also playing a key role. If you are unfamiliar with her, let us inform you that, Mai Shiraishi is a renowned Japanese singer, model, YouTuber, and actress. Recently, she made her appearance in the upcoming live-action series Saint Young Men: The Movie. In this series, she is playing the role of Benzaiten. Furthermore, Kento Kaku is a Japanese actor who is playing the role of Brahmā. On the other side, Kodansha USA Publishing is releasing the series in English. Keep following for more updates.

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