23 July 2024
Pavithra Gowda

As of now, the murder case of Renuka Swamy is becoming one of the most discussed topics on the web. Unfortunately, Renuka Swamy is no more. It has been reported that he was murdered by Darshan and his aides. Initially, it was reported that 10 individuals were arrested in this case and now the news is coming that the Indian actress Pavitra Gowda has also been arrested by the police in the murder case of Renuka Swamy. In today’s report, we are going to shed light on the recent murder case of Renuka Swamy which left everyone shocked as well we will also talk about Pavitra Gowda who was recently arrested by the police. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Since Renuka Swamy’s murder news came, the Indian actress Pavitra Gowda has been catching the attention. Sometimes, the celebrities become the headlines part due to their works however Pavitra is been in the headlines due to a serious case. If you are unfamiliar with her, so let us inform you that she is an Indian actress who works in Kannada movies. Recently, she has been taken into custody by the police in the murder case of Renuka Swamy. As per the reports, Darshan along with nine others are arrested in Renuka Swamy’s murder case. Furthermore, let us inform you that Renuka Swamy was a 33-year-old man who worked at an Apollo Pharmacy branch which is located in Chitradurga. In addition, the police authority discovered his dead body at Sumanahalli Bridge Bengaluru. It is the allegation that the late 33-year-old man Renuka Swamy was sent obscene messages to the wife of Darshan. After Darshan and nine other people, his wife is also taken into custody by the police. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Before talking about the case let’s take a look at the profile of Pavithra Gowda. Pavithra Gowda is a very well-known Indian actress who works in the Kannada industry. She was born on January 1, 1970. As of now, she is 54 years old. In 2013, she began her acting career journey with the Kannada film “Chatrigalu Saar Chatrigalu”. She also made her Tamil debut in 2016 with the thriller film “54321”. She also worked in other movies such as Preeti Kitaabu and Agamya. However, as of now, she has become one of the most discussed topics on the internet. As per the reports, she has been in police custody in the Renuka Swamy murder case. She was presented at Annapoorneshwari Nagar Police station. On the other side, the Indian actress who is also known as a challenging star, was arrested on Tuesday in the same case. It is believed that she is also connected to the murder case of Renuka Swamy. Scroll down the page to learn more.

Pavithra Gowda several times shared videos and photos on her Instagram page with Darshan. A post by Pavithra Gowda also claims that they have been in a relationship for a long time. Not only one time but several times, Pavithra Gowda and Darshan affair news made headlines. However, now both are highlighted for the murder case. On June 11, 2024, Pavithra Gowda is arrested by the police. The 47-year-old actor Darshan was arrested from his farmhouse which is located in Mysuru and later he was taken to Bengaluru for the investigation. After an investigation, the three accused accepted the crime and said they did after receiving the instruction from Darshan. Furthermore, the horrific crime happened on June 9, 2024. After that, the victim’s family filed the complaint. The investigation is still ongoing.

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