19 July 2024

It seems that season 1 of Re: Monster is near to its season finale as a total of 10 episodes have been released so far. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Episode 11. For the unversed, Re: Monster is a weekly anime series that releases an episode every week. The last episode of Re: Monster, Episode 10 was titled Re: Fulgent was released on June 3, 2024. It has been almost a week since the previous episode was released, thus, the fans are not able to control their adrenaline to watch the next episode. Re: Monster is remarked as one of the wildest anime series of this year, this is why fans are excitedly and keenly waiting for its upcoming episodes. An anime series has rarely become so popular with just releasing 10 episodes so far. If you are also wondering how many episodes are in season 1 of Re: Monster, then go through the article till the end for more details. Also, read what is the release date of Re: Monster Episode 11 which is titled Re: Match, in the following sections. Scroll down.

For the unversed, Re: Monster is an adaptation of a novel series with the same title published by Kogitsune Kanekiru. The illustrator of this series is Yamaada. In case, you have not yet started watching this anime series, you can also start with the light novel series with the same to spark excitement and inquisitiveness for the TV anime series. However, some fans have remarked Re: Monster is one of the wildest and most confusing anime series.

Talking about the story of the series, it revolves around Tomokui Kanata who is a young boy and the protagonist of the series as well. Tomokui gets fatally stabbed by a woman. Later Tomokui Kanatar reincarnates as a goblin named Gobrou in the fantastical realm but Tomokui Kanatar remembers his past and retains his intelligence from his past existence. In addition, Gobrou aka Tomokui Kanata develops the abilities of anything he eats. In his first month as Gobrou, Tomokui Kanata outpaces his fellow goblins with the fastest evolution among them. Over the next few days, Gobrou continues to eat and train to survive in the fantastical realm. Eventually, Tomokui Kanatar who is incarcerated as Gobrou, becomes a strong Hobglobin.

If you have been watching this anime series since Episode 1, then you must be eagerly waiting for the next episode. As of now, ten episodes of Re: Monster Season 1 have been released. The fans are eagerly waiting for the eleventh episode. According to the reports, the next episode is scheduled to air on Monday, June 10, 2024, like all the previous episodes which were also released on Monday every week. Episode 11 of Re: Monster is titled Re: Match and it will be premiered at 3 PM GMT, 11 AM ET, or 8 AM PT. The upcoming episode is said to be 23 minutes long. If you are new to Re: Monster, then you must also learn where to watch this anime series.

All the previous episodes of Re: Monster premiered on Tokyo MX, TVh, and BS 11 in Japan, which means the upcoming episodes will also be broadcast on the aforementioned networks for the fans in Japan. However, the international viewers of Re: Monster can watch Episode 11 of Re: Monster Season 1 on Crunchyroll. Speaking of the number of episodes in Re: Monster Season 1, it is anticipated that the first season is comprised of 13 episodes. After the release of Re: Monster Episode 11, there will be two more episodes remaining in the queue. Stay tuned.

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