19 July 2024
Raju Yadav

Telugu film Raju Yadav was released this week on Friday, May 24, 2024, in theaters. The film is about to complete its first weekend at the box office today. Meanwhile, Telugu moviegoers have become quite interested in how this film performs at the box office and how much it collected in its first weekend. Raju Yadav which is a comedy-drama film based on a real-life incident, adds a layer of intrigue and curiosity among the fans about the film. Catering to their queries, we have discussed what are the reviews of this film, how it is performing at the box office, and the film’s storyline. If you are still considering watching this film, read this column first until the end.

Raju Yadav’s Box Office Collection

As mentioned, Raju Yadav was released in theaters on Friday, May 24, 2024, today is the third day of the film in a theater. Thus, the exact Day-3 box office collection is not known at this time, it will be updated soon. But we have got the appropriate data regarding its business on the first two days of its theatrical release. According to trade analysts, Raju Yadav is performing well and maintaining a strong grip at the box office. The film is registering a pretty good number of footfalls as moviegoers are visiting the theaters to watch this comedy-drama film that is based on real life.

On the first day of its theatrical release, Raju Yadav minted Rs 0.25 Crore. On Day 2, the film also collected almost the same amount without witnessing a growth in box office collection. Raju Yadav did a business of Rs 0.25 Crore on the first Saturday. The total box office collection of Raju Yadav after two days is at Rs 0.5 Crore. On Day 3, Raju Yadav may see an upward trend in several people visiting theaters to watch this film and record slightly more than Rs 0.25, taking its first-weekend box office collection to around Rs 0.8 Crore.

Despite Raju Yadav receiving positive reviews from the audience, the film has not seen an upward trend in people taking an interest in watching this film. As strong word of mouth has not yet come into play, the biz of this Telugu comedy-drama remains slow over the weekend but it is anticipated that Raju Yadav may gather momentum during the weekdays and maintain a strong hold at the box office. If the positive reviews and audience reviews turn eyeball in the coming days, then Raju Yadav can be a very profitable project for the makers. Let’s take a look at the cast and crew of Raju Yadav. Swipe down the page.

This film is directed by Krishnamachary who also wrote the film. Raju Yadav stars Chakrapani Ananda in the lead role, who is playing the title character in the film. The star cast of Raju Yadav also includes RJ Hemant, Santosh Kalwacherla, Bhushan Kalyan, Ankitha Kharath, Uthara Prashanth, Rocket Raghava, Pawon Ramesh, Sreemani, Getup Srinu, Sriram, and Jabardasth Sunny in key roles. Rajesh Jallepalli and Prashanth Reddy have bankrolled this Telugu comedy-drama film. The cinematography credit goes to Sai Ram Uday.

The film’s plot revolves around a man named Raju Yadav whose life turned upside down after he suffered an injury during a cricket match. Due to an injury to his face, Raju Yadav developed a facial disorder that changed his face to keep smiling. Raju Yadav’s life is tossed up due to his facial disorder, especially when he falls in love with Sweety. The story of the film is based on a real-life incident.

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