15 July 2024
Prasanna Vadanam

It’s not been a month since Prasanna Vadanam was released in cinemas, and the film has debuted on OTT. According to the latest reports, the action-crime thriller Prasanna Vadanam was released on the OTT platform within one month of its theatrical release. Not to mention, the film could not mint an impressive box office collection through its theatrical release but the makers of the film have covered the ground lost and recovered the production cost by securing a deal with an OTT platform for the streaming rights of Prasanna Vadanam. In this article, we have primarily discussed the digital release of Prasanna Vadanam but you will also get to learn why the film failed at the box office, what is the plot of the film and other imperative aspects such as its star cast and official OTT platform to stream it online.

As mentioned, Prasanna Vadanam failed to register an impressive box office collection during its theatrical run, it was probably because of the film’s cold buzz ahead of its release. However, the film received positive reviews from the moviegoers but the strong word of mouth could not also drive its buzz. Meanwhile, the producers and distributors of Prasanna Vadanam suffered a considerable ground loss. In a bid to recover the cost of production and diminish the impact of its below-average box office performance, the makers have sold its digital rights to an OTT platform within a month of its release in the theaters.

Currently, Prasanna Vadanam is streaming on the Aha streaming platform. In case, you have not watched yet the Suhas-starer crime-thriller, then you can enjoy this film at your home with a subscription plan of Aha. As per the reports, OTT platform Aha acquired the digital rights of Suhas’s Prasanna Vadanam at a pretty good price. Do you know when was Prasanna Vadanam released on OTT? The film was launched on the OTT platform on Friday, May 24, 2024, almost three weeks after its theatrical release. Prasanna Vadanam was released in theaters on May 3, 2024.

Within a span of three weeks, Suhas’s Prasanna Vadanam became available on the streaming platform. A source in connection with the official streaming platform of Prasanna Vadanam said the film started on a very strong note in comparison to its run in the theaters. The moviegoers who could not watch the film on big screens due to some reasons are showing their interest in streaming this film on Aha, in large numbers. To note, Prasanna Vadanam has streamed for over 50 million minutes on Aha as of now, showing an incredible response from the audience to Prasanna Vadanam on OTT.

In recent times, we have seen numerous cases in which films received immense responses from the audience after their dull performance in theaters. It seems that the audience does not step out easily for a film with fewer promotions and cold buzz ahead of its release which results in lackluster performance at the box office. The same happened with Prasanna Vadanam which impressed the audience with its gripping plot and captivating performances from the star cast.

The plot of Prasanna Vadanam revolves around a man who struggles with face-blindness disorder but he gets involved in a murder case. Furthermore, Suhas who is portraying the lead role in the film has to come out of this situation. Here is a special mention of Suhas’s performance, he delivered an outstanding performance in the film, leaving the audience surprised with his acting. Actor Suhas last appeared in a superhit film Ambajipeta Marriage Band. Stay tuned to this website.

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