19 July 2024

The story of the cunning village, Phulera, will continue tomorrow with the release of season 3 of Panchayat. Probably, Panchayat Season 3 is the most awaited and anticipated season of a web show in India as fans are using different styles to express excitement for the upcoming season where some are using the popular dialogue ‘Dekh raha hai Binod’ while some are posting the same number of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) with the days left in the release of season 3. Amid such anticipation of season 3 and excitement for the release of the new season, the lead actor of the series, Jitendra Kumar shared behind-the-scenes snippets on his social media handles, to give a glimpse into the production of the much-awaited web series. The BTS shared by Jitendra Kumar aka Sachiv Ji, has taken the frenzy of the audience to a whole new level. What to expect from season 3 of Panchayat, has been explained in the following sections. Drag down the page.

Panchayat Season 3 Release Time On Amazon Prime Video

The whole of India knows the new season of Panchayat is releasing on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, and it will be premiered only on Amazon Prime Video. As of now, only a few hours have left until the release of the long-awaited season 3 of Panchayat but the fans of Panchayat are not able to remain calm and wait for the new season as the protagonist of the show Jitendra Kumar just recently shared the BTS on social media with fans to give glimpse into the journey of filming season 3.

Jitendra Kumar reportedly posted a reel video on Instagram, in which he gave a glimpse into his makeup routine, funny moments with the crew, eating meals during the break of the shooting, how the production was processed, and what challenges he and his team faced during the shooting of season 3. The actor also captioned the reel with ‘intezaar’ showing Jitendra Kumar himself could not wait for the release of Panchayat Season 3 as the entire production team of Panchayat has worked very hard with dedication to create another amazing season and fulfill the expectations of the fans who have been eagerly waiting for the season 3.


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Within a few minutes of posting the reel video, the fans flooded Jitendra Kumar’s comment section with amazing comments. The trailer of Panchayat S3 has been trending ever since it was released on YouTube because it not only resolves the cliffhanger from season 2 in which Sachiv Ji aka Abhishek Tripathi received a transfer letter at the end of the show, but also offers a glimpse into the new season which seems to be more funnier, exciting, and entertaining than the previous seasons. In the trailer, Abhishek Tripathi played by Jitendra Kumar, clears that he is not going anywhere from Phulera village and he wants to stay away from the politics of Phulera village so that he can focus on his entrance exam. However, everyone knows Sachiv Ji can not just simply ignore villagers’ problems and avoid politics for the Pradhan’s post. The newly released trailer of Panchayat S3 promises that the upcoming season will be full of comedy, drama, and some heart-touching moments as well.

The makers of the show are expecting an overwhelming response from the audience. However, it is almost expected that the fans will surely love the new season which is going to be released on Amazon Prime Video on May 28, 2024. Interestingly, ahead of the release of season 3, the director of the series Deepak Kumar Mishra also confirmed that he is working on season 4 and has bigger plans for season 5, taking the excitement of the fans to one level up.

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