15 July 2024

Just a few hours from now, the immensely long-awaited season 3 of India’s most loved web series Panchayat, will be all yours. As the upcoming season of Panchayat is going to premiere on Amazon Prime, the excitement of the fans has reached a whole new level leading to various speculations and questions regarding the show. Even before the release of season 3, the fans have already started speaking of the renewal of the series. Will Panchayat be renewed for the season 4? The question that should be asked after the release of season 3, already has started swirling among the fans. Thus, we have primarily focused on the show’s renewal for one or more seasons. You should go through it till the end to learn if will Panchayat be renewed for seasons 4 and 5.


Will Panchayat Have Seasons 4 and 5, After Season 3?

With only a few hours to go, the beloved series of India, Panchayat will release its season 3 on Amazon Prime Video. Undoubtedly, season 3 of Panchayat is the most awaited and anticipated series of this year, thanks to the simplicity of the storyline which resonates with a vast audience of the country, subtle humor, and the cast that has done amazing work in the previous two seasons. Amid the huge anticipation, the big question has emerged will Panchayat be renewed for seasons 4 and 5?

We have got some good news for the fans of Panchayat the makers of the show have planned to create at least two more seasons of Panchayat. Yes, you read that right, Panchayat 4 and 5 are absolutely on the cards. You must be wondering who confirmed this news. Reportedly, the director of Panchayat, Deepak Kumar Mishra recently opened up about the show’s renewal for the fourth and fifth seasons. Deepak Kumar Mishra revealed that the team of Panchayat is not having a break between the two seasons as they have already started working on season 4 and completed the script of season 4’s four episodes. Isn’t it amazing? Thus, the director of the series is looking forward to creating at least two more seasons after season 3.

In addition, Deepak Kumar Mishra also revealed ahead of the release of Panchayat Season 3, that seasons 4 and 5 will be quite bigger than previous seasons. He has some broader ideas for Season 5 to conclude the series on a strong note. Taking care of the show’s organic storyline and retaining the core soul, the director ensured that the creative team was not swayed by the immense popularity of the show. However, he hinted that Panchayat Season 3 will be more funny, interesting, and emotional as well. Continue reading this article for more details about Panchayat S3.

The Viral Fever aka TVF created season 3 of Panchayat and the makers of the show have retained the original star cast to keep the soul of the show in the new season. The fans will see one more time Jitendra Kumar in the lead role of Abhishek Tripathi, Neena Gupta, Faisal Malik, Raghubir Yadav, Chandan Roy, and Sanvikaa. As the show marches toward its release date, it is essential to talk about its release date, time, official streaming platform, and more.

The new season of Panchayat will be released on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, which means the show will be available to stream from tomorrow. The official streaming platform of Panchayat Season 3 is Amazon Prime Video which also secured the digital rights of the previous two seasons. The trailer of Panchayat S3 available on YouTube also indicated that the upcoming season will be more entertaining, heartwarming, and intriguing than previous seasons. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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