19 July 2024
ONDC and Kerala Government Sign Agreement for Enhanced Market Access to PSU Products

In a significant development, the ONDC (One Nation, One Digital Platform) has recently entered into an agreement with the Kerala Government. The agreement aims to foster better market access to products offered by Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) within the state.

This collaboration holds immense potential for boosting the growth and visibility of PSU offerings and facilitating increased accessibility for consumers across Kerala.

Under this partnership, the Kerala Government has agreed to support the ONDC initiative by providing a conducive environment for the promotion and sale of PSU products.

The ONDC, an ambitious digital platform launched by the Government of India, seeks to streamline the e-commerce ecosystem and create a unified online marketplace for diverse products and services. By joining forces with the Kerala Government, the ONDC takes a significant step toward achieving its vision of inclusive digital commerce.

Strengthening Market Reach for PSU Products

The collaboration between ONDC and the Kerala Government is poised to open up new avenues of growth for PSU products, helping them reach a wider consumer base.

With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, it has become imperative for PSUs to adapt and embrace digital platforms to enhance their market presence.

The ONDC provides a robust infrastructure and an extensive network that can facilitate seamless product distribution and create synergies among various stakeholders.

By leveraging the vast reach of the ONDC, PSUs can now overcome traditional barriers and expand their customer base beyond geographical limitations.

This partnership empowers PSUs operating in Kerala to showcase their products on a unified digital platform, tapping into the immense potential of e-commerce.

With enhanced visibility and accessibility, PSUs can significantly boost sales and establish themselves as key players in the digital marketplace.

Promoting Economic Growth and Opportunities

The collaboration between the ONDC and the Kerala Government is not only a testament to the government’s commitment to digital transformation but also a catalyst for economic growth.

By promoting the sale of PSU products, this partnership contributes to the overall development of the state’s economy.

It creates opportunities for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artisans to showcase their offerings on a national level, enabling them to thrive in a digitally-driven marketplace.

Furthermore, this initiative aligns with the government’s emphasis on self-reliance and the “Make in India” campaign. By facilitating market access for PSU products, the collaboration encourages the consumption of domestically manufactured goods and strengthens the economy at large.

It also fosters job creation, supporting skilled workers and artisans associated with PSUs, and boosts the local manufacturing sector.

Embracing Digital Commerce for a New Era

The partnership between the ONDC and the Kerala Government signifies a progressive step toward embracing the potential of digital commerce.

As consumers increasingly shift toward online shopping, it is crucial for businesses and governments to adapt to changing trends. The ONDC offers a comprehensive platform that amalgamates various products and services, making it easier for consumers to discover and purchase items of their choice.

This collaboration is expected to revolutionize the way PSU products are marketed and consumed in Kerala. With the ONDC acting as a catalyst, the Kerala Government can leverage its digital infrastructure and extensive user base to connect consumers with an extensive range of PSU offerings.

This initiative also promotes transparency, efficiency, and fair competition, ensuring that consumers receive the best possible products at competitive prices.


The agreement between the ONDC and the Kerala Government ushers in a new era of digital commerce for PSU products. By leveraging the power of the ONDC platform, PSUs operating in Kerala can now tap into a vast consumer base and expand their market reach.

This partnership not only stimulates economic growth but also encourages self-reliance and promotes the consumption of domestically manufactured goods.

With the Kerala Government’s support, the ONDC is set to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape and empower consumers to access a wide range of PSU offerings conveniently.

As more states and governments recognize the potential of digital platforms, collaborations like this one will likely become more prevalent, driving the growth of the digital economy and benefiting consumers and businesses alike.

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