13 July 2024
Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran who is a renowned international cricketer from the West Indies, recently became the center of attraction after his blistering inning that came against Mumbai Indians in the last league match of Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL 2024. Pooran played a fast-paced knock of 75 runs in just 29 balls, taking his team’s total to 214 in 20 overs. Mumbai Indians which have the most dynamic batting lineup on paper, could not chase this target despite the valiant knocks from Rohit Sharma and Naman Dhir. Amid a discussion about Nicholas Pooran’s current form which will surely help the West Indies team to perform well in the upcoming T20 World Cup, the attention of the audience shifted to his family background and ancestors. In recent times, large numbers of people on the internet have searched for Nicholas Pooran’s ancestors and background. Do you know who are the ancestors of West Indian cricketer Nicholas Pooran or what is his family’s origin? This article will primarily focus on Pooran’s family background and history. Let’s delve into the details.

As mentioned, a discussion about Nicholas Pooran’s family background and origin suddenly began amid the discussion about his current form and World Cup preparations, reportedly, it all began with the circulation of an old picture of the Windies cricketer on social media. Recently, an old picture of Nicholas Pooran attending a wedding started circulating on the internet, which eventually sparked a discussion among cricket fans if Pooran is originally from India, are his ancestors from India, and what is his family background.

Speaking of the viral picture shows the wicket-keeper batsman, Nicholas Pooran, standing to the side of a newlywed couple in their marriage ceremony. As the newlywed couple is dressed in a traditional Indian wedding dress, the fans have started speculating that Nicholas Pooran might be from Bihar. Eventually, many people started believing Nicholas Pooran was originally from Bihar and his ancestors were Bihari. Upon hearing these claims, some Indian cricket fans could not hold their curiosity and searched for Nicholas Pooran’s family’s background and origin on the internet, making it a trending subject.

As per the reports, there is no concrete evidence or strong historical source that claims Nicholas Pooran’s ancestors were from India or they were Bihari. It is indeed important to keep in mind that such claims should be made or shared with care. Without confirming such claims about a renowned personality, can also cause legal trouble to the spreader. Due to the lack of records or any official source about Nicholas Pooran’s family background, it is not possible to determine who were his ancestors or what is his ancestral history. Although some people have allegedly claimed that a few centuries ago the Britishers forcibly took many people from Bihar to Mauritius and the Caribbean for slavery, thus they are confident that Nicholas Pooran’s ancestors were also taken from Bihar to the Caribbean.

But we debunk the rumors about Nicholas Pooran’s Indian descent or ancestral history from Bihar because his official Wikipedia page says he was born in Mc Bean Village, Couva, Trinidad, and Tobago. Thus, he also holds the nationality of the West Indies. As of yet, Nicholas Pooran also has not opened up about his family background or ancestral history. Thus, it still remains a subject of scrutiny. Pooran came to prominence after he debuted for West Indies in the T20Is in September 2016 against Pakistan and his ODI debut was marked in February 2019 against England.

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