15 July 2024

The reality dating show of MTV, Splitsvilla X5 recently released the promo of Episodes 21 and 22 on its official YouTube channel. The newly released promo undoubtedly has increased the curiosity and excitement of the fans to watch the show this weekend. The promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episodes 21 & 22 has confirmed one thing this weekend the contestants will be more fierce and competitive. Nevertheless, MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episodes 21 & 22’s promo also unveiled that Jashwanth Bopanna is getting into a verbal fight with another contestant probably a girl. On the other hand, two boys will also get involved in a physical altercation during a task. As the promo of Episodes 21 and 22 has come up with some exciting moments, the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Episodes 21 and 22. In the following sections, we have explained when and where to watch MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episode 21 & 22. So be sticky with this page and go through the column till the end.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episodes 21 & 22

Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani’s dating reality show Splitsvilla X5 started premiering on March 30, 2024. Over the past few months, the show has released its 20 episodes with releasing two episodes every week on Saturday and Sunday. Likewise, episodes 21 and 22 will also follow the same pattern and will be aired on MTV at 7 PM. On Saturday, episode 21 will be broadcast while episode 22 will be released on Sunday on the same channel. Interestingly, MTV Splitsvilla X5 is also available to watch on JioCinema means you can also catch the latest episodes of MTV Splitsvilla X5 on the streaming platform simultaneously. Yes, you read that right, it is the first-ever television show that is airing simultaneously on a digital platform. Continue reading this article for more details.

Talking about the promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episodes 21 & 22, it has not been a long time since it was released officially but it has captivated the audience by showing a glimpse of fierce action and joyful moments from the upcoming episodes of this sizzling dating reality show. After watching the promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episodes 21 & 22, we can say one thing for granted this weekend will be a rollercoaster of emotions including friendship, challenges, drama, fight, debate, and betrayal. However, the promo is barely one minute long in duration but it has everything that the fans might want in the upcoming episodes of MTV Splitsvilla X5. Continue reading this article.

Kashish Kapoor who is best known for her fashion and style sense, is also seen in the promo, performing a task with another boy while her partner is cheering for her and says ‘I Love You’. But the most fierce and eye-catching scene in the promo was of Arbaz Patel who becomes physical with his opponent during the task. Although host Tanuj asks Arbaz Patel to stop but still Arbaz loses his tamper and pushes the other boy. The promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episodes 21 & 22 ends with this scene, leaving the viewers in a frenzy to know what will happen in Episodes 21 and 22. However, it is not confirmed which episode will show the fight between Arbaz and the other contestant as the single promo was released for two episodes this weekend.

MTV Splitsvilla X5 Episodes 21 and 22 will air on JioCinema and MTV at 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Host Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani will also be seen enjoying the sets of the show making some quirky jokes and doing pranks with the contestants this weekend. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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