13 July 2024
Arbaz Patel

Arbaz Patel is a very well-known Indian model and digital content creator. Currently, his name is circulating over the internet and catching much attention from viewers due to his recent nose injury. As of now, Arbaz Patel is part of MTV Splitsvilla X5. As per the details, he suffered from a nose injury during the task. The fans and followers are looking for his recovery update and also want to know whether he go back to the show or not. In today’s report, we will give you information about Arbaz Patel and his recent viral news. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Recently, a photo of Arbaz Patel has gone viral on the internet in which we can see that his nose is injured. After being injured, he still wanted to continue the task. He strongly wants to return to the show after subsequent surgery. Everyone appreciates him for not losing hope. The social media personality, Patel faced a strong setback in Splitsvilla X5. In the show, he is known for his attractive personality and presence mindset. During the Splitsvilla X5 journey, he faced an unexpected twist and suffered from a serious injury. The incident left shocked everyone even the show’s judges. Overall, the fatal incident happened during a task that was based on both physical and strategic. Furthermore, the model Arbaz and the other contestants fell together which caused a massive injury to Arbaz as his nose was broken. This occurred when the other contestant’s elbow was hit to Arbaz’s nose. The show judge Sunny Leon reacted fast to the situation and found that his nose was bleeding. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Arbaz Patel said “I suffered from a high nose injury therefore the show makers asked me to leave the show after seeing my condition. They suggested me to leave the show. But, I did not do this and never wanted to give up so easily. I did not get this show for free, after doing the survey they have done a lot of hard work to get this opportunity”. In addition, Arbaz Patel asked the makers to not inform his injury news to his family as they would panic. During his injury recovery, the whole Splitsvilla X5 team supported him. Arbaz also said, “I took a consultation from an on-site doctor as I want to recover fast from my nose injury. I went hospital where first I had a CT scan that confirmed my nose had been broken. After that, I went for the surgery. I used to live in a room without sunlight during the surgery. However, my bleeding was not stopped after the surgery. Learn more in the next section.

Arbaz was again and again asked to leave the show, he declined and started ignoring the words. He never wanted to leave the show as he knew how he came to this position after a long period of hard work. Continuously, he was forcing him to motivate. After a long recovery, he made his strong comeback to the show. Furthermore, despite caring for nose pain, after the surgery, he became part of a challenge named “Chonch se chonch Mila”. This shows, how much he is passionate for his work. His determination and hard work won several people’s hearts. The fans and the followers are appreciating his courage. He became an example for other people who give up easily without thinking. Keep following for more updates.

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