13 July 2024
Mohammed Asaduzzaman

History has been scripted as United Kingdom’s Brighton and Hove city elected its first-ever Muslim mayor. Mohammed Asaduzzaman is the first Muslim mayor elected to the council of Brighton and Hove. Since Mohammed Asaduzzaman’s name emerged as the new mayor of Brighton City, he has been the topic of the town and the center of attention because the front headlines are written with his name, leaving people across the United Kingdom intrigued to learn more about the new Muslim mayor of Brighton and Hove. Who is Mohammed Asaduzzaman? In case, you are also scrambling to the web in a bid to learn more about him, stick with this page and go through it till the end.

Who Is Mohammed Asaduzzaman?

According to the reports, Mohammed Asaduzzaman is from South Asia and he practices Islam. Mohammed Asaduzzaman is originally from Bangladesh and his ethnicity is South Asian. He has faith in Islam. More about him, he has worked with the state minister for irrigation and water development in Bangladesh and he has been living in Brighton and Hove City for the past 30 years. In addition, Brighton’s first Muslim mayor also has gained a degree in political science. To elect the new mayor of Brighton and Hove City, the elected councilors had to vote unanimously and the majority of councilors voted for Mohammed Asaduzzaman who became the first Muslim mayor of Brighton and Hove Council in the Hollingdean and Fiveways ward. After Mohammed Asaduzzamanv was announced as the newly elected council’s mayor, council leader Bella Sankey said Mohammed Asaduzzaman is warm, kind, funny, and ambitious for the city.

Bella Sankey further added, “Brighton and Hove can look forward to a mayor whose compassion has already left a mark on the city’s social, cultural, economic, and political landscape,” Reflecting on the newly elected mayor of Brighton and Hove City, Mohammed Asaduzzaman encouraged the immigrants with uncertain status for vaccination during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Mohammed Asaduzzaman also fed 500 meals free of cost to the essential service providers during the pandemic.

He has a long history of serving Brighton and Hove City and he has delved himself into the fabric of the city’s community by living there for 30 years. Council leader Ms Sankey also said, “With three decades of residency in Brighton, he has woven himself into the very fabric of the community. His journey from Bangladesh to Brighton exemplifies a life dedicated to public service and community betterment.” For the unversed, the mayor of Brighton and Hove is subject to performing his duties as the first citizen of the city and chairing the meetings of the full council as well. Continue reading this article and learn more about Mohammed Asaduzzaman.

No need to mention, that the mayor of the council has to support local charities every year, thus, Mohammed Asaduzzaman decided to support several charities each year, including BHT Sussex, Chomp Brighton, the Sussex Cricket Foundation, Brighton Students’ Union, the Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust, and My University Hospitals Sussex. Do you know who was elected as the deputy to Mohammed Asaduzzaman? Amanda Grimshaw who is a Labour councillor was chosen as the deputy mayor.

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