23 July 2024
Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner, a new Korean drama, has captivated the hearts of Korean drama enthusiasts. It won’t be wrong to say that Lovely Runner almost has taken the place that was captured by the much-loved K-drama Queen of Tears. However, Queen of Tears has come to an end but Lovely Runner did not take a long time to become fans’ favorite. With just a couple of episodes premiered so far, Lovely Runner has gained attention across the globe as it is being watched in several countries. For the unversed, Lovely Runner started premiering last month. As of now, a total of 14 episodes of this K-drama have been released. Now it’s time for Episode 15 and the fans are eagerly waiting for its release. Let’s discuss the release date of Lovely Runner Episode 15 and the OTT platform to watch it in the following sections. Continue reading this column.

Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner Episode 15 Release Date and Time

Starring Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo-Seok in the lead roles, Lovely Runner has garnered a huge following worldwide. After achieving global recognition among K-drama enthusiasts, Lovely Runner became one of the most-watched Korean dramas in the last month. Now the show is marching toward its finale with just a couple of episodes remaining in the pipeline. As of now, a total of 14 episodes are available to stream and watch on the OTT platform. For the unversed, Lovely Runner is based on a novel titled ‘Tomorrow’s Best’ and it is being serialized by Doong Doong.

Speaking of Lovely Runner Episode 15’s release date and time, the much-awaited episode of this K-drama series is scheduled to be aired on Monday, May 27, 2024. In South Korea, Episode 15 will air at 8:25 PM KST and will be broadcast on tvN. However, it is also available to premiere in India on the Rakuten Viki platform. In India, Episode 15 of Lovely Runner will be available to premier at 4:55 PM IST. Learn more about it in the next section.

Ahead of the release of Episode 15 of Lovely Runner, a trailer of the upcoming episode was released on YouTube, which took the excitement of the fans to a whole new level as they started anticipating what would happen next in Lovely Runner. In the trailer of Episode 15, Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae are seen at a hospital the former is lying unconscious while the latter is ensuring her that she will be fine very soon and she needs to rest for some time. Kim Tae Sung who is a police officer is watching the footage of Sol and Sun Jae together while one of his colleagues says Ryu Sun Jae is very popular. The trailer of Episode 15 also shows Im Sol leaving the company to avoid interaction with Sun Jae and bids farewell to him. In the end, the trailer shows Sun Jae running before Im Sol while calling out her name. In total, episode 15 of this Korean drama hinted that there is a lot more in the episode and the fans would get to see much more than the previous episode.

The storyline of Lovely Runner revolves around the closely connected lives of a famous Korean Pop star named Ryu Sun Jae and his ardent fan named Im Sol. The story of the show becomes gripping when the idol passes away tragically, leaving his fans devastated. Im Sol who is a huge fan of Sun Jae, travels back to her school days to avoid the life-threatening events which led to Sun Jae’s untimely demise. tvN Drama also has shared a promo of Episode 15 of Lovely Runner on its official Instagram handle.

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