16 July 2024
Kurangu Pedal

The latest Tamil-language film made a massive craze among the people and made a significant place at the box office. Yes, we are talking about Kurangu Pedal, one of the most anticipated 2024 Indian Tamil-language drama films. It is written and directed by Kamala Kannan. Recently, the movie was released at the box office and caught the attention of the audience. The unique storyline of the film has generated the attention of the viewers. It is common whenever a film is released in theatres it is also released at the box office. However, people are looking for the Kurangu Pedal OTT release date. Check out the details about the Kurangu Pedal OTT release date, platform, cast, and many more.

Kurangu Pedal OTT Release Date Announced?

Kurangu Pedal is a 2024 Indian Tamil-language drama film. The film was released at the box office on May 3, 2024, in Tamil language. Kamala Kannan is the writer and director of the film. Moreover, it is produced by
Sivakarthikeyan, Savitha Shanmugam, and SuMee Baskaran under the banner of Sivakarthikeyan Productions. In addition, it has been Cinematography by SuMee Baskaran and music composed by Ghibran. The film “Kurangu Pedal” has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Kurangu Pedal is also celebrated in the festival circuit the Indian Panorama section of the 53rd International Film Festival of India. It is a big achievement for the whole crew and cast of the film. Now, the question is highlighting when it will be released on the OTT platform. As per the revealed details, the Indian Tamil film Kurangu Pedal will be released on the Aha platform. As of now, the OTT release date has not been confirmed by the makers. However, it is known that it will be released on the Aha platform soon. Learn more in the next section.

Here are the top cast of the film:

  • Prasanna Balachander as a Cycle shop owner
  • Santhosh Velmurugan as Mariappan
  • Dhakshana as Mariappan’s sister
  • Kaali Venkat as Kandasamy
  • Jenson Diwakar
  • M.Gnanasekar
  • V. R. Ragavan
  • Sai Ganesh
  • Rathish

V. R. Ragavan, M.Gnanasekar, Rathish, and Sai Ganesh play the main lead role in the film. A few weeks ago, the makers released the trailer of the film which features a few children. The trailer shows a glimpse of a bunch of schoolboys. The schoolboys try to learn to ride a bicycle. Let’s take a look at the plot of the film. The whole story of the film revolves around the schoolboys. The whole shows how the schoolboys learn ride to a bicycle. During the summer vacations, the schoolboys learn different playing games including riding bicycles. Children are the target audience of the film as the whole story is based on schoolboys. As we earlier mentioned, Sivakarthikeyan is the producer of the film. He is known for making quality movies. He is not just a director but also a renowned Indian actor, playback singer, and television presenter.

The latest release Tamil-language film “Kurangu Pedal” has made the headlines through the screenplay story. The boys in the film played their characters perfectly. After the box office performance, it is going to soon be released on the OTT platform. Well, it will be released on the Aha OTT platform. However, the makers have not confirmed the OTT release date. Apart from that, the film is catching the attention as it is connecting the audience with their childhood era. The movie shows how the children spend their time during the summer vacations. The film has received mixed to positive reviews from critics. On the other side, the movie has received 3 ratings out of 5 from The Times of India. However, it has received the film two-and-a-half rating out of five from Anusha Sundar of OTTplay.

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