19 July 2024
Kudi Haryane Val Di

Kudi Haryane Val Di, an upcoming Punjabi film starring renowned singer-turned-actor Ammy Virk and sensational Sonam Bajwa to be released in a few days. Currently, the cast and crew of the film are busy with the promotions of the film ahead of its grand theatrical release, as the makers are not leaving any stone unturned to make this film a grandeur at the box office. In a bid to boost the film’s buzz ahead of its release, leading actors Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa are attending various events in different cities and shows to promote their films. As Kudi Haryane Val Di’s plot is a blend of Punjab and Haryana’s cultures, the film is expected to perform majorly in these two states. Since Kudi Haryane Val Di was announced last year, the film has been a major talking point among fans due to its shooting locations. Do you know what are the shooting locations of Kudi Haryane Val Di? If not, this article will inform you more. Stick with this page and go through the column till the end.

Kudi Haryane Val Di Shooting Location

However, the beloved pair of Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa is enough to lure the audience and pull them to the theater but still, the team of Kudi Haryane Val Di is doing everything to ensure the fans that they would love the film watching in theaters. Previously, Sonam Bajwa was paired with Ammy Virk in superhit Punjabi films like Nikka Zaildar 1 and 2, Puaada, and Muklawa. Fans will be delighted to watch the superhit pair of Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa. Since the announcement was made that actor Ammy Virk will fight Sonam Bajwa in his upcoming film, the fans have been eagerly anticipating about this film and curiously taking over the internet to learn more about the film. Thus, here we have discussed all the essential aspects of the film, such as its cast & crew and shooting location.

The film’s trailer promised that Kudi Haryane Val Di is a romantic comedy-drama film and its plot is set between the two states, Haryana and Punjab, as Sonam Bajwa is a Haryanvi girl while Ammy Virk is a Punjabi boy. This kind of blend the audience has not seen yet. Thus, Kudi Haryane Val Di has one hand up because of its unique plot. In addition, the makers of the film did not compromise with the production of the film as they shot the film in the villages of Haryana so that the people from Haryana could resonate and relate with the film’s story.

According to the reports, Kudi Haryane Val Di has been shot at various locations. Last year in December, the entire production team of Kudi Haryane Val Di along with actor Ammy Virk and actress Sonam Bajwa visited the villages of Narwana, Sachhakheda, and Bhikhewala to shoot a portion of the film. The leading actors were also spotted together near Sachhakheda bypass. A scene of Kudi Haryane Val Di, in which Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa are sitting on a cot outside an old house was filmed in Bhikhewala Road.

Upon hearing that Kudi Haryane Val Di’s shooting was being commenced in those areas, Haryanvi fans gathered there in large numbers and showered their love for Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa. A major portion of Kudi Haryane Val Di was shot around Narwana, Haryana, while some scenes were also filmed in Danoda village’s Dadakheda, Narwana subdivision. Kudi Haryane Val Di is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 14, 2024. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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