16 July 2024
Khatron Ke Khiladi

One of the most anticipated Indian Hindi-language stunt-based reality shows Khatron Ke Khiladi is back with the new season. Once again, Rohit Shetty is the host of the show Khatron Ke Khiladi 14. Finally, the awaited show hit the floors and created a massive buzz among the people. The netizens are showing their interest in the new season of Khatron Ke Khiladi as this time several strong contestants are part of the show. However, a few contestants on the show are catching much attention and made the headlines. Moreover, the shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 14 is ongoing in Romania. Recently, the show has been catching attention due to the heated fight between the contestant and host of the show. If you want to know the complete information, go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Asim Riaz Refuses Elimination Task, Sparks Controversy in Khatron Ke Khiladi 14

Season 13 of Khatron Ke Khiladi’s winner was Dino James and the runner-up was Arjit Taneja. However, the latest episode of the show is circulating over the web and raised several questions. Recently, Asim Riaz has been at the center of the controversy due to the fight and heated argument. In the starting, the news was circulated that he fought with the host of the show, Rohit Shetty. Moreover, recently several social media claims that Asim Riaz called Shalin Bhanot and Abhishek “Loser”. The news has gone viral on the web. As we know, the previous season of the show received much appreciation from the audience, however, Khatron Ke Khiladi 14 began with a fight between contestants. As per the detail, a heated argument or fight took place between Asim Riaz, Abhishek Kumar, and Shalin Bhanot. Once again, the Bigg Boss contestants are rocking in the new season of Khatron Ke Khiladi. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Asim Riaz is the first contestant who received the Fear Ka Fanda along with Nimrit Kaur, Abhishek Kumar, and Shalin Bhanot. Due to this, they were selected for the eviction and had to perform an elimination task. To be safe from the elimination, the four contestants need to perform elimination tasks to secure the place. On the other side, the Indian social media personality and model Asim Riza declined to perform the elimination task as it was not safe, according to the revealed statement. The host of the show, Rohit Shetty confirmed to Asim Riaz that the stunt was totally safe and well tested by the stunt experts. Asim again refused to do the student, in the center, Abhishek and Shalin tried to convince him. The situation took a turn when Asim called ‘loser’ Shalin and Abhishek in anger which was too unexpected for both of them. As per the details, Asim also said, he is not interested in sharing the stage with Shalin and Abhishek.

The fight increases when Asim shows off his luxurious life. As per the details, Asim said “I buy a car every three months. Asim’s fight increased with Rohit Shetty, Shalin, and Abhishek Kumar. It is also reported that Asim is no more part of the show as he was ousted from the show after the fight. The exit news of Asim Riaz left his fans shocked and concerned. Let us inform you that about the fight and exit news of Asim Riza is not yet officially confirmed by the KKK 14. It is important to wait for official reports before any big debate. Moreover, the Indian personality Asim Riaz charging INR 15-20 lakhs per episode in KKK 14 for the stunt. In addition, Asim Riaz also not confirmed his exit from the show. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

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