21 July 2024

The Korean drama fans are about to get a new show titled Hierarchy. It has not been a long time since the very popular Korean shows The Atypical Family and Queen of Tears were released, and the fans are now eagerly waiting for the new Korean drama titled Hierarchy. Since this show was announced, the binge-watchers have been anticipating it. However, they were not informed about the release date and platform of Hierarchy. Catering to their queries, we have come up with Hierarchy’s release date and platform details. Hierarchy is a teen K-drama show and its story centers around a group of friends studying at an elite school. This fascinating story has left K-drama lovers quite excited and curious. Thus, it was compelled for us to share all the essential details of this new upcoming K-drama. In the following sections, read when and where to watch Hierarchy. Drag down.

When and Where To Watch Hierarchy? K-Drama Hierarchy OTT Release Date

Hierarchy will be released on the streaming giant platform Netflix which is popular for offering a range of Korean drama shows to its viewers. The streaming platform always remains upheld in releasing Korean drama shows in the wake of immense viewership of K-drama shows. Before announcing Hierarchy, Netflix released Queen of Tears and The Atypical Family K-drama shows. Now the platform is preparing for Hierarchy’s premier. Since this show has been announced, it has been the major talking point for the binge-watchers. Meanwhile, so much anticipation and speculations about Hierarchy have been already made about the show.

Considering the pre-launch buzz of the show, it is expected that Hierarchy will witness a pretty good viewership on its premier day as K-drama lovers are seemingly looking forward to this teen drama. While talking about an upcoming show, it is imperative to talk about its cast and crew. Hierarchy features Lee Chae-Min, Roh Jeong-Eui, and Kim Jae-Won in the lead roles. As mentioned above, the story of the show revolves around the teens studying at an elite school. The show’s story will grip the fans when a new transfer student enters the elite school and shakes up the lives of the rich students there.

This plot will be full of emotions and spectacular encounters between the rich students and a new transfer student at the prestigious school. The teen suspense high school Korean drama show features Lee Chae-Min as Kang Ha who is a transfer student and he will shake the lives of all the rich students studying at Jooshin High School, an elite school. Kang Ha who comes from a different society remains fearless and stands tall against the school bullying by the rich students. Jeong-Eui is playing the role of the eldest daughter of a rich family that owns the Jaeyool Group, Jeong Jae-Yi who is the most-talked-about girl of Jooshin High School. Jeong Jae-Yi is in a relationship with the heir of the Jooshin Group but she wants to break up with him and eventually starts a friendship with Kang Ha.

When will Hierarchy be released on OTT? As mentioned, Hierarchy will be streamed on Netflix, you can watch it on Netflix where it will be released on Friday, June 7, 2024, i.e. today. It is said that Hierarchy Season 1 will be comprised of seven episodes and all the episodes will be released together at the same time. Hierarchy is directed by renowned director Bae Hyun-Jin who also has directed Big Mouth and Alchemy of Souls Season 2. Choo Hye-Mi has written the screenplay of Hierarchy and Tae-Seong has composed the music of the series. Stay tuned to this website.

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