16 July 2024
Car Driver

A quite weird incident recently came to light from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh where a car driver was fined for not wearing a helmet. Yes, you heard it right, UP traffic police issued a challan of Rs one thousand to a car driver because he was not wearing a helmet while driving his car, isn’t it weird at all? Of course, this is the reason this news has been making rounds on social media as well, where netizens are reacting to it hilariously. However, people are sharing their myriad reactions to this news. But before reacting to this news, we should take a look at its details and learn what happened. Swipe down the page.

This news was first reported by NDTV. According to NDTV’s news report, a man from Jhansi was fined with rupees one thousand for reportedly driving his car without a helmet. As a result of this weird incident, the man who was issued a challan of Rs 1,000 has started wearing a helmet while driving his car, in a bid to avoid further challans in the future. The person who was fined for not wearing a helmet in his car is identified as Bahadur Singh Parihar. He is a resident of Jhansi. More about him, Bahadur Singh Parihar is also the president of the truck drivers’ union. Let’s delve into the details and learn what happened with Bahadur Singh Parihar.

Bahadur Singh Parihar from Jhansi visited the Parivahan website where he learned that he was issued a challan of Rs 1000 for not wearing a helmet while driving his luxurious Audi car. Ever since Bahadur Singh Parihar learned that he got fined for not wearing a helmet, he has started wearing a helmet even when he is traveling in a car. In addition, Bahadur Singh Parihar also suggests others as well to wear helmets in the car if they want to avoid traffic challan. It seems that Bahadur Singh Parihar has taken this incident very seriously, even though the challan was issued mistakenly or incorrectly.

In the picture retrieved from the official website of Parivahan, Bahadur Singh Parihar saw the vehicle captured was a two-wheeler but the vehicle type mentioned in the challan was a motor car. NDTV also shared the image of the challan. The challan of Rs 1,000 was issued due to some errors or incorrect reasons. But Bahadur Singh Parihar still has been waiting for the cancelation of his challan. As per the reports, the UP man will have to wait till the conclusion of the general elections to get rid of the Rs 1,000 incorrectly imposed traffic challan.

As per the information, Jhansi residents also raised the issue with the local police department but police said that they would look into this matter after the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Thus, truckers’ union president Bahadur Singh Parihar is left with no option other than waiting till the conclusion of the elections. To avoid further challans, Bahadur Singh Parihar decided to wear a helmet in his car. He will wear a helmet even while driving his car until his issue gets resolved. This is why he has become the center of attraction on social media as well, where this incident is turning everyone’s eyeballs.

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